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S01.E02: Chapter 2

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Hansu opens Sunja's eyes to the world, but it inspires dreams that come at a price. Solomon attempts to leverage his Korean identity.

Air Date: March 25, 2022

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Right now, I want to state on the record I don’t like Hansu. 

I fully understand why Sunja is falling for him. The man is FINE, and he saved her from those awful boys who were going to rape her. (Thank goodness one of them had a conscience and went to get help) He is worldly and is listening to her, allowing her to think about the world in a different way-but I don’t think he means her any good. Why would he be meeting her ALONE by the creek- if anyone saw them her reputation would be RUINED. He offered her free fish and the woman at the market insinuated this was because SUNJA was a woman who was offering sexual favors. He knows how this world works and Sunja is young- what, 16/17?


Hansu is shady. 

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