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The Doctor: He's Ancient and Forever...

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This topic is to talk about The Doctor as a character, his history, his backstory. I love this description of him, I was going to transcribe it but then thought, I'll let it speak for itself (first 25 seconds):


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This is great, thanks for starting the topic @SilverStormm


I have always wondered, did DW start out as a comic book and then was adapted to TV?  I watched An Adventure in Space and Time and I got a lot of the back story with that, but if they mentioned this, I don't remember.

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I like all of this about him, the start and the end shows things about his personality.


It's also one of my favourite episodes. I haven't watched the original series, it makes me wonder how he has changed throughout his life and how his experiences through the years has influenced and changed him

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It was created just for the BBC as a kid's show. There was no original source material. 


So that is why it is so important to get to know the Doctor from the very first story arc.  To get a feel for him and what made him into what we see of him today.


I haven't watched ALL of Classic Who, but I did make myself watch a bit of every doctor to get my own feel of how he has grown. 


I personally think it's all kinds of awesome that this is 50 years old and it's still going strong.  With the basic premise.  Kudos to the creators!

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