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Am I enjoying this CBC show, in which


11 highly skilled artists from across the world...compete in the ultimate challenge: building their dream home in miniature form. The competitors will create their houses, in painstaking detail, room by room by shrinking life-size objects to 1:12 scale...Judged by U.K Miniature Expert Emma Waddell, and esteemed Designer Micheal Lambie, precision and design technique will save the competitors from elimination.

Yeah, it's entertaining in a low-key way. Am I however mostly starting this thread because I would like it entered into the record how bothered I am every week when host Aba Amuquandoh says, "They better not sweat the small stuff!" when OBVIOUSLY the better line is, "They better sweat the small stuff, because it's all small stuff!!" It's very possible that this is my only goal.

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Stopped watching because I could not stand the bias of the judging. Eliminating someone because the door is the wrong size but a staircase above a bathtub and a table practically IN a fireplace are absolutely fine design choices because you obviously like that contestant more? And then not sending someone home the week that their other favorite was in the bottom? 

Tina should have lasted much longer. Her story and design choices were actually original. The haunted house was so much fun, too.  


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It was really telling how some contestants would get heaps of praise with no negative notes and still not get top two over one of the judges' golden boys whose feedback was much less effusive. The format might be better if they had a third guest judge every week.

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