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S01.E01: Unwanted Animals

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Carole Baskin, a big cat rescuer, learns that roadside zoo owner Joe Exotic has hired a hit man to murder her; seven years earlier, their rivalry begins when she builds a coalition to shut down his animal show and cub-petting operation.

Airdate: 3 March 2022

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How do you make such a strange, interesting and absurde story boring? That is an accomplishment right there. I don't think I could have done this.

First of all Kate McKinnon should have played Joe Exotic instead of Carol Baskin. Then they should have gotten Kristen Wiig as Carole. Already 200% better. Alternatively, get another actor for Joe, who can actually pull off that character. I think Rob Lowe wanted to do it. But mainly this needs way better writing.

I'm still debating if I'll give it one more episode or call it quits right here.

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Hard to believe there are so few comments.  I accidentally landed on it and was undecided.  I have preconceived opinions based on other pieces I’ve seen about the story, including the documentary.  The mistreatment of animals is difficult to watch.  

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