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Discuss all things season 7 here. Designers and episodes listed below.
Originally aired from January 14, 2010 - April 22, 2010



  • Amy Sarabi
  • Anna Lynett
  • Anthony Williams
  • Ben Chmura
  • Christiane King
  • Emilio Sosa
  • Janeane Marie Ceccanti
  • Jay Nicolas Sario
  • Jesse LeNoir
  • Jesus Estrada
  • Jonathan Peters
  • Maya Luz
  • Mila Hermanovski
  • Pamela Ptak
  • Ping Wu
  • Seth Aaron Henderson


Episodes (TVDB): 

  1. Back to New York
  2. The Fashion Farm
  3. The Hi's and Lows of Fashion
  4. Design Your Heart Out
  5. Run for Cover
  6. A Little Bit of Fashion
  7. Hard Wear
  8. The Elements of Fashion
  9. Takin' It To The Streets
  10. Hey, That's My Fabric
  11. Sew Much Pressure
  12. The Big, Top Designers
  13. Finale
  14. Reunion


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Season 7 is my absolute favorite Season.


The Top 10 was perfect, and despite the ridiculousness of having so many decoy collections, I can't think of another season that deserved that many. I liked at least one look by each one of them during the Season, and even the ones who went out earlier - Ben, Jesse - had one or two really great showings and a strong POV. Any trio from this Season's Top 10 would have been a satisfying Final 3, which is unprececented.


Amy and Jonathan are two of my favorite personalities from the show's history, while Emilio and Seth Aaron are two of its best designers. Maya, Anthony and Mila were consistently good, and even though I personally thought Jay was an enormous bitch, he had a lot of great looks.


The challenges were consistently great and produced more amazing looks than any other season: Amy's Hardware, Burlap and Campbell's, Mila/Jonathan's Tracksuit, Ben's Marie Claire, Seth Aaron's Harlem, "Air", Print, Mama and Baby, Jesse's Mama and Baby, Maya's Hardware, Jonathan's "Air", and Emilio's Harlem, Heidi Gown, Print and Circus.


For me Season 7 provided a glimmer of hope that maybe Lifetime wouldn't ruin the show, afterall. It's been all downhill from there, but I still cling to it.

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Much was made of the Emilio-Seth Aaron rivalry, but my favorite designer was Mila. Her Bryant Park collection looked the most modern and polished of the finalists', IMO.


Interestingly, I remember Tim Gunn insinuating that the judges narrowed it down to Mila and SA for the win, but dismissed her first from the runway after they decided on SA. Apparently, they were hoping to get a bigger reaction from Emilio. 

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Seth Aaron is the first -- and, I think, only -- designer that I've accurately picked to win the thing. Love that man.


I've had the pleasure of meeting Jonathan, since he lives in my neck of the woods; he did a little talk and Q&A at my local Macy's. He's closing StyleWeek Northeast later this week, and is cofounder of a stylish little boutique in Providence.


I've also seen and spoken with Joseph from S11 a few times at the faculty/alumni art sales my alma mater holds in the fall and spring. He's very sweet.

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That's exciting! He was one of my favorites that season.


She had a cute story to tell about her audition.  When she walked for him, her foot slipped inside the shoe she was wearing, and she did a little bobble, but she just kept walking.  Jonathan noticed, and commented on it (to her mortification), but she just passed it off with a comment about being a trained ballet dancer and used to just glossing over stuff like that.  She was sure he wasn't going to choose her, so she was thrilled when she was asked to walk in his show.  The thing is, she recently found out that one of her feet is a size nine, but the other is an 8-1/2, which is a fairly big difference.  She got some inserts for her shoes to help keep her foot from slipping like that again.  I can't wait to hear all about her experience.  

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