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  1. These misreadings never get old! The gift that keeps on giving...
  2. Is anyone else creeped out by Ivy's "look up my nose!" pose in the last couple of pictures? If that's not proof that Jessa has those kids camera-trained, nothing is.
  3. I agree with those who are saying Elliana Fern flows better, but when you put Seewald with it, I think Fern Elliana sounds better. JMO. Those old-fashioned names are very much in vogue now. My four-month-old granddaughter is Willa Jane (no, they don't call her both names). My son's 23yo girlfriend's name is Ivey. She's the youngest of three girls whose names all end in -ey. 0
  4. Does anyone else think it looks like Jessa has had some (bad) work done on her face? In that family picture her mouth looks all puffy and stretched at the same time, and her cheeks look really really big. She doesn’t look happy, either. I agree with those who said she looked like she’d rather be anywhere else: I think Ivy is cute as hell, Henry looks like a bloated mini-Gordon Ramsey, and Spurge looks like an amalgam of all the least desirable Duggar features.
  5. I just read that Meghan Markle is going to join Scientology. Has anyone else heard this rumor?
  6. So I haven’t even around much because I got sucked into a other site’s coverage of the adventures of Princess Pinocchio and the Haphazard Prince, but I promise I thought of you all every day and this is why: the theatre where I am a volunteer usher is on my way to work so I see this image and think about all of you and your awesome snark!
  7. Sheesh—you spend a month or four being consumed by Montecito Madness (an unhealthy obsession with Sussex shenanigans), and Karmageddon drops its wrath on the Duggars! It’s taken me three days just to get caught up on this thread, and I haven’t even glanced at any of the others! I just want to thank all the posters who have done the work of explaining all the charges and legalities. I feel so sorry for the m&ms and for the siblings who are having to relive their trauma (because I have NEVER believed it was “no big deal”). I don’t watch the show, but I don’t see how it can survive this scand
  8. My cousin, who was 4 when her brother was born, called it a "urine nozzle" because she'd never seen such a thing and had no word for it! Back on topic, sort of, when I went back to finish my degree in my early 30s, I wrote a whole paper about using the correct terminology for body parts. I'd had a friend whose daughter was being molested by a family friend, but they didn't catch on for a long time because they had taught their five daughters (no sons) to call everything below the waist their "Bottom" so when the child kept telling them that her bottom hurt, they kept brushing it off think
  9. I was surprised to read about the negative blowback toward the way Jeremy talks to Jinger during their podcasts--it was at the end of the article about getting a nanny and being exhausted. There are apparently a lot of people calling Jeremy out and urging Jinger to leave him. Interesting.
  10. CAPTION: Oh, YOU'RE having the next baby? Thank God! Jessa seriously looks deranged in this picture.
  11. What stood out to me in that sea of oatmeal is that Spurgeon's pants were the same color as Jessa's dress. Also, the one with Jessa's hair all over her face skeeved me out.
  12. Is it just me, or does anyone else want to yell "fuck-a-doodle-doo" whenever Penelope comes on screen? (I know it's Michelle's line and not Claire's so much, but I never like to miss an opportunity to lob an f-bomb!)
  13. IMO, it didn't help when Harlequin suddenly switched to using exactly the kind of titles that played to the scorn and prejudice of what non-readers thought they were about in the first place: The Bachelor's Baby Bargain, The Tycoon's Secret Baby, The Sheikh's Virgin Bride, blah blah blah. All slightly smutty in a breathless, isn't-this-titillating kind of way. For the most part, I stopped reading Harlequin when they started using these kinds of titles. I had been fighting for Harlequin to be regarded seriously, and to overcome people's assumptions that they "knew" what a Harlequin romance was.
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