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Notes from the Forum Moderators

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Welcome to Primetimer Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics sub-forum! If you have a suggestion for topic names for the sports threads, please suggest in thread, or PM us. If you have other topics you would like to discuss, please feel free to start them or PM us.  Thank you!

As a reminder:

Politics is off-topic on PTV forums:


Primetimer is a TV SHOW discussion platform, we are not a news site. People often get out of joint when another is not in line with their beliefs, particularly when politics is involved. Then the mods have to spend more time refereeing and dealing with reports than is acceptable.

To clarify:

We do not allow mention of elected political figures (past or present), current political candidates, political bodies (Congress, Parliament), political parties (i.e., Conservative, Democratic, Labour, Republican), political movements or affinities (i.e., left, MAGA, progressive, right), or political events, including jokes and asides.

News affecting athletes, management, and teams can be discussed. However, any post containing personal political opinion will be subject to moderation. 


@CheshireCat @JTMacc99 @OtterMommy

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