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S13.E23: Unbelievable Parts 1 & 2

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I never really liked Becky until they put her in Imogen's orbit, but I'm going to be totally honest:  when Zoe went over and hugged the crap out her, I had manly tears in my eyes.

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This was one of the better Degrassi episodes in a while. I thought they handled the more serious part of the episode well with the high of the sing off. I think they might have some talent in the new cast. I wonder if we'll be seeing a new band form soon. I almost wish


hadn't been involved. We haven't seen much of him before now and while he didn't have much heavy lifting to do, he seemed like a pretty competent actor in this episode. Even though this should have been Zoe's episode, I think Becky really ended up shining. I didn't think much of her when she first showed up but they've been steadily making her a better character. 

I think I've missed a handful of episodes before the summer but since when has "The Watcher" been a thing?

I feel like the Maya/Miles thing might be going somewhere weird soon. He's getting a little too dependent on her. Like, Eli

crashing his car


Oh, and Brave was totally the wrong song to play at the end. But I think the episode managed to have a lot of different perspectives and eventually have a good message about perpetrators and bystanders.

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