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S02.E07: Crack is Wack

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It’s Thanksgiving but the drugs and despair don’t let up. Frankie, riding an ocean of anxiety, takes Renee to the point of no return. Ray is going all in on a case no one wants him on, and Alan’s holiday dinner is interrupted.

Original air date: December 5, 2021

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Jackie needs to work her program, and stay away from her Dad. (Not forever, but until she is strong enough in her sobriety she isn’t swayed by him). I am curious as to what her Mom is like; I wonder if we will ever see her. As sad as I am Jackie fell off the wagon, I understand her. I want her to get sober and do better. I think she is a good person with a kind heart (what a pretty kitty- someone should adopt it). 

Now RENÉE I do not understand. What is she doing? Is she gonna tell Frankie she is pregnant? How is she disappearing on Thanksgiving and no one thinks that’s weird? Frankie is a scary ass mother fucker, but Renée isn’t a likely person to kill Jorge (it was an accident) so I don’t think he will figure it out right away. 

The Physical Therapist and Osito- WHAT is that woman doing? She wants to lose her job? She should’ve told him to take the car back. KISSING an inmate? What the hell?? If anyone saw her she would be fired and perhaps charged with sexual assault against Osito. 

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