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S18.E11: Finale

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In the Season 18 finale, Juan Pablo must choose which of the two remaining bachelorettes is the perfect fit for himself and his daughter. Before he does so, he introduces the women to his family and goes on a final date with both ladies. Appearing: bachelorettes Chelsie, Kelly, Renee and Sharleen; Sean and Catherine Lowe; and Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried.

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I gotta give props to Mike Fleiss, et. al.  I never would have guessed they would sabotage their own bachelor, but they did a spectacular job of it.  That was my favorite finale, and possibly favorite episode, ever.  Nice to see the man coming off as the douche for once. 

Interesting that they didn't show the choosing of the ring as they always do.  It's like even Neil Lane realized what a tool JP is and didn't want to be associated with him.  (I really hope this is true).

I have no use for Nikki but I can't deny she looked stunning in the midnight blue gown.

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Hmmm. Seems weird they deleted that, especially considering how much Fleiss and ABC are enjoying seeing JP squirm.

In other news, I'm just now getting to the ATFR and, boy, could Nikki look any less like she wants to be there?


Catherine: "Don't slap the hand that fed you"

JP: "Huh?"

Chris: "Don't slap the hand that fed you.  It's a saying."

Me:  "No , no it's not."

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