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S04.E07: Part VII

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Another great episode, and I can’t wait to see how the show ends next week. Fantastic suspense throughout the episode, I couldn’t figure out who was complicit and who wasn’t, particularly with Lou, I was certain he was involved for a while, but it turns out he’s just in over his head, and I think he will help Ambrose out in the end. This season has had some great twists, I’ve suspected Colin as a villain all along but I didn’t see it coming that him and Sean would be in a criminal conspiracy together, and now Meg is protecting them now that they’ve told her the truth instead of doing the right thing.

There were some really intense scenes in this episode, particularly when Ambrose confronted Vern, I guess Vern is one of the 2 men who tried to kill Ambrose in the woods. What happened to the other guy I wonder, the guy Ambrose stabbed? Is he dead from his wound?

So now we know Percy knew the truth about the smuggling operation, but I wonder how long she had suspected it, something was troubling her for a while, since she said she felt responsible for someone’s death and she was terrified of someone when she went to the mainland. Hopefully that all gets cleared up next week in the finale.

This has been a great season overall and it’s real bummer that the show is ending with this season, because they really delivered a great story and I have no doubt they could come up with more good stories. Hopefully the season ends on a strong note and all the loose ends are tied up as it’s been excellent so far. 

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