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Comparison Time: Classic Bebop vs. Live Action

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I... don´t even know where to begin. This thing with Vicious is killing me though. And I wished they hadn´t done away with Spike´s different eye colour thing. That had a bit of meaning and I really liked it.

I also miss space. There was a lot more space in the anime. I don´t even mean space fighting ( I guess that would be expensive) but just general scenes, or them being in space...

I do like the little tributes though, like some scenes or characters are done and dressed just like in the anime.

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It took me three episodes but I think the best way that I have felt to compare the two is that live action is a homage to the anime, and at times it feels like they are over thinking things.  I do get why they are kind of combining stories and introducing people a lot sooner, there's only 10 episodes and the anime was a one and done, there was no season 2, but I think my biggest gripe is Vicious, he's just almost a cartoon version of what we know him to be.

I think if I didn't know the original source, I would probably still like the show and maybe even think it was pretty good, I will say it is quite funny, and I don't think it's the worse live action adaptation that I have seen, but I just feel they are trying way to hard at times.

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