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Hidey-Ho! The Quotes Topic

Spartan Girl
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Chucky: He got what he deserved.

Jake: He wasn’t always like that! Back when I was younger he was really cool.

Chucky: I know an asshole when I see one.

Jake: After my mom died, he just couldn’t deal...

Chucky: Oh. I thought we were taking about the cat.

(I’m pissed about the cat, but that line was pretty funny)

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"I helped."

Not funny, but creepy as hell, and perfectly so!

Also this bit:

Lexy: I thought you were watching Westworld.

Caroline: Chucky says life’s too short. He wants to watch the news.


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The whole fight between Chucky and Tiffany:

Chucky: Jesus Christ, you're always hungry! I'd say you were turning into your mother, but that would be an improvement!

Tiffany: You know my mother always told me "Never let a man cockblock you from what really makes you happy" and EATING MAKES ME HAPPY!

Chucky: Go get fat then!

Tiffany: MAYBE I WILL!


And then this little gem:

Tiffany: CHUCKY! My stomach is growling like a lion and this lion needs to eat!!!

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Chucky (trying to get Lexy to kill Jake): Everybody's gotta go sometime. I myself have died several times, it's no big deal!

Funny how he can be so blase about it after he's been  been shot, burned alive, blown up, amputated, etc...

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On 10/22/2021 at 12:50 AM, Izzy85 said:

Jake: What the fuck did you do?

Chucky: I didn't do it.

Jake: What?

Chucky: Swear...to God, I didn't kill her.

(Chucky's nonchalance made me laugh, he didn't even look up, lol)

I got a similar energy from:

Junior: He kissed some woman at the wake. At my mom’s wake!

Chucky: Whaaaaat? That’s so disrespectful!

His “outrage” was so fake it was hilarious. He’s not even that good of a liar lol.

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Junior: Why didn't you kill (Andy)?
Chucky: He had a gun. I hate guns. They're like my Achilles heel. Along with axes, fire, and those big industrial-sized fans. *shudders*

Tiffany: I'm done with you, Chucky! I'm done with your petty shit and your massive ego and your tiny fucking dick!


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Tiffany: Can’t we work this out, Chucky?

Nica!Chucky: The only thing left to work out is whether I shoot you in the head or in the heart.

Tiffany: You already broke my heart.

Nica!Chucky: Okay, the head it is! *cackles*

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Some good ones last night:


Chucky: Gotta say, doc, you're not what I was expecting.

Doctor: I'll remember my chickens and goats next time.

Chucky: How old do I look?

Caroline: I don't know, three?

(Chucky gasps dramatically)

Caroline: Two!

Nica: She kidnapped me, dismembered me and held me hostage for over a year during which time I witnessed her murder nine people, and she forced me to watch Liar Liar and over again on a loop! (Cue court gasping in horror 😂😂😂😂)

Chucky: The most evil houses are always Dutch colonials. Think about it. "Amityville," "Elm Street," "Twin Peaks." What the fսck is up with the Dutch? Must be all the weed.


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