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S02.E07: Rules of Acquisition

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Quark represents Grand Nagus Zek in a plot to establish a Ferengi business presence in the Gamma Quadrant. Pel, a young Ferengi, teams up with Quark and they learn that to do business in the Gamma Quadrant they must contact the Keremma, a member race of the Dominion.

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Ah! At last.. The first mention of the Dominion.


They were very clever, sneaking it into a Fernegi-centric episode and playing it almost for laughs at this early stage.  That makes it even scarier when we do finally "see" the Dominion..


Though I could have done without Pel; they don't tend to play that "type" of storyline strongly. though this is 1,000x better than "Profit and Lace"!

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Nice episode. I liked Pel, but I do not like how it was handled in the end. She loves Quark, so she's emotionally driven to scew him over? Getting Quark to lose his Gamma Quadrant prophets seemed to be the end goal there. I would have preferred they leave out the love story entirely.

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