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S01.E03: Beware What from Portal Comes!

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M.O.D.O.K. drags along his kids, Melissa and Lou, to a GRUMBL leadership conference. Once there, he accidentally unleashes a hedonistic alien menace on the conference while trying to prove his leadership skills to his bosses and children.

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Enjoyed getting more of Melissa in this one (both the character and the actress), and I liked the glimpse into her relationship with M.O.D.O.K.  Not surprised that there is a lot of mixed feelings here since she is the one out of the kids who looks more like her dad than her mother, and she also seems to have picked up more of his sinister habits.  I did like how she almost "mentored" him by showing him out to read people's body language and learn how to use their insecurity against them.  Using that high school method of torture to perfection!

Lou seems to be more of question mark right now.  Still comes off like if Jean-Ralphio from Parks & Rec was the son of a supervillian, but I suspect there will be more to him as time goes on.

Figured Austin was up to something.

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For a supervillain work/family sitcom, this show builds in ongoing plots a lot more than I thought. First Young MODOK from last episode, and now this ep revealed Austin isn't just clueless and lucky at pushing every button of MODOK. He's deliberately manipulating MODOK, using MODOK's every weakness to his advantage, and deliberately acting the fool so MODOK will underestimate him. And the board! What the heck are they?

MODOK and Melissa were delights as well. I really liked how she made her own acronym for her name.

Lou is fun but kinda seems like an off-brand Gene Belcher.

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