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S03:E03 The Trunk

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or it can be how Elektra started out as a good mother who cared about her children, then became so obsessed with money and winning that she lost sight of that and became the vain self centered person we met in season one, and the last few seasons was her getting back to being the person she once was by learning to care about her family and community again, better explaining how she has come around so much since we first met her. Again, depending on how much you want to to headcannon. Its clearly a retcon, but you can look at it as an actual character arc if you want to be nice.

I think that's a fair, charitable explanation. They didn't underline it but going along with selling the items in her trunk, at some point she hooked up with Elliot Stabler so she was reliant on a man to support her (and her children) and maybe that also wore on her.


What made little sense to me was they were about to get the intel they sought through Elektra's cooperation, but arrested her anyway.  My guess is that she just rubbed someone the wrong way and they decided to punish her.

Honestly, it feels like they didn't go back and make sure the script was consistent with the plot points they wanted to hit. She was definitely arrested for something because she had to be bailed out. But as far as they knew, she was already planning to help. And it is unclear what they could have arrested her for. I really think they just wanted that scene of Elektra in the cell with that guy to connect to Blanca's speech to Christopher. And I guess it shifted focus to excuse why Elektra could leave and go along with the "burial at sea" rather than have to give up any information to the cops with or without a lawyer. 

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