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Brittany Martinez: M.I.L.K. (Mom I'd Like to Keep)

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Yeah, I know she's probably a barely over an hour from eviction at this point, but I didn't want my favorite HG of the summer to go out without a topic to her name.


I've liked how Britt was willing to compete despite the relentless targeting, how she pushed herself through that awful "2400 goals" punishment (the worst part had to be that she had to retrieve the balls herself), and how she tried to play the game without automatically descending to gossip and backbiting, the cheap and easy strategy favored by the Frankies of the world.  Her calm conversations with Donny (and even, to an extent Caleb and Devin) showed a maturity that most of the other HGs are sadly lacking.  It's just a pity that the only other mom in the house is chronically floating Reverend Bowtie, whose idea of a "power move" is descending into gibberish.  Sigh.


Oh, and have I mentioned that body?  Centered and smoking-hot, that's the combination for me.  Oh, well.

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