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S13: Emily Payne

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I understand that goth girls get married, too, and I applaud anyone who leaps into marriage with full abandon and brings their personality with them.

But I thought Emily's outfit was straight up Hot Topic. It kind of reminded me, too, of April from season 8 who kept talking about being inspired by Tim Burton, and damned if almost everything she did didn't look like it could have come straight out of a Tim Burton look book.


I loved her Ewok hoodie the week she did that, but I did not like the wedding look at all. Maybe, like Nina said (UGH, kill me now for agreeing with her), if it had been the sleeves OR the cowl veil/hood, but not both? I disagree with Zac on the funereal thing, because we all love black; it's not just for funerals, anymore, Zaccy; but even in black you can have some joy and there was none to be had in that outfit.

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This might also go into Project Runway media, but it's an interview with Emily so I'm posting the link here:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/logan-lynn/make-it-work-an-interview_b_6065630.html?ncid=txtlnkusaolp00000592


A quote:  "I pretty much knew halfway into the competition that I wouldn't be able to win because the judges just didn't appreciate my aesthetic -- but I also knew I had to just keep doing me because my main goal was to get my real work out in the public eye and get orders. I ended up getting overloaded with requests for the hoodie that I got eliminated for, and it ended up auctioning off with the highest bid for any of the designs that season, so I'm happy."



"You still get to show your collection at Fashion Week and none of the press know who is actually still in the competition or not. So you still get all the exposure and, at that point, way less stress since you are no longer being judged."


Now this surprised me: "I felt very fortunate to be in a cast with so many nice people. I really thought I would be having to deal with a lot of cattiness and stupid drama. There really was very little to none of that."



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