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Fake Famous

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Exploring the industry of social media influencers with an innovative social experiment. Three people in Los Angeles with relatively small social followings attempt to become famous influencers by purchasing fake followers.  

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Well....that's a bit scary.

I had to explain the whole influencer thing to my husband, and I'm sure I don't even have a whole grip on it.  What it comes down to is you are selling a product, and selling yourself.  You are your own ad campaign.  So basically, you are faking to yourself and your followers out that your life is so much more wonderful with XYZ product in it, and it reaches people immediately.  All these companies, designers, and vacation industry corporations are probably saving a boatload of money on advertising since you can have some young good looking twentysomething do it for you for way less than the fees of an ad agency. 

I dunno...I still find it so souless.  The one young person had it right, that he wanted to be liked for himself, not for bots and bits and fake followers.   

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Basically it's all "fake news" 🙂  Fake people with fake followers faking that they use and love a product to get real  money.  It does though just show how gullible people are that they would purchase a product because it was on someone's IG not thinking it's only on there because that person got it for free and is getting paid.  Also, I don't understand following random people on social media? I don't really use social media and the little I do it's following a few specific real celebrities (or food trucks) but outside of that how would I even find these people?  I know it just is what it is but it hurts my soul and brain to see these people getting paid lots of money for essentially doing nothing when there's teachers and others who do so much that is needed for very little.   And don't get me started on posting the trips and parties during the pandemic. 

I did think Dom was cute and had charisma so I could see her being successful in the entertainment industry so if having "followers" helped to get her auditions and callbacks then good for her.  I didn't understand the one guy (I think his name was Wesley - he worked for a Real Estate guy) what he was trying to accomplish and he didn't seem to know either.  He moved to LA for reasons and and then just decided "hey, other people want to be famous so I guess I do too? " .

I know Social Media can be used for good but that seems like a very small percentage of it.  Anyway, I'm old so I'll now go yell at some kids to get off my lawn 🙂


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As someone who doesn't have an IG, Twitter, FB,or any social media account, I found this kind of fascinating. I knew about the fake photos, but I didn't realize how many followers, likes, & comments were fake, & how circular the whole existence was.

I thought that Chris was kind of delusional. I'm glad he would rather be poor on his terms than rich & fake because I have a feeling he's going to get his wish.

I don't understand why Wylie freaked out about that one troll. I feel like I missed something.

Dominique really seemed to thrive in the environment, I wonder if she'll still be able to get her free trip when travel starts again.

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