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S02.E02: Spaceman

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Dorothy sub anchoring. 😄 The look on the other anchor’s face. 

“And if you at home are wondering, Melanie does assure us she will be back at work tomorrow. The head honcho was probably on the phone to Melanie during the broadcast. “I don’t care if you’re barfing up buckets, you be here tomorrow!” 

Good move by Dorothy to bring out Leanne. I wonder if we’ll see Leanne in the next episode. 


Julian was brilliant as usual. 

“And what do they give? A silver pendant with a little dying man on it. Yeah, I’m the f’ing weird one. 🤣

Love his snark.  


Even Roscoe was funny today. His retort when Julian said he would take Roscoe’s teeth out.

“I’d like to see you try.” Roscoe would leave Julian in a heap of pulp on the floor. 

Good fake out at the beginning. I thought it would pan to Leanne under the covers but end up being a dream. 

That was a creepy hypnosis session.  We immediately think the hooked man gouged out the baby’s eyes, but I think there’s more to it. Roscoe said the people on their knees were bleeding. Maybe their eyes were taken? By the baby? Were they worshipping the baby?  Or maybe the eye thing was figuratively speaking. And what did Roscoe mean by “We never left”? A lot of questions from that one scene. 

Julian crying during Roscoe’s revelation. Nice to see them exploring the character more. Our jocular Julian has a soft side. And some hidden emotional issues. 


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