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S03.E09: She is Not a God

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Tobin's secret is revealed to Gwynn. Talon learns of a long-lost deadly power. Meanwhile, two groups hunt for Yavalla - one group in hopes to find a cure and the other trying to kill.

Airdate: December 6, 2020

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  • The move to Sunday is horrible. I always forget it's on.
  • I don't see this getting another season, so hopefully they wrap it up with a decent ending. (No Talen & Garrett getting married please)
  • Talon and Zed are on an adventure together! Thankfully they didn't let people who can get infected come along.
  • Hopefully Zed can do something to make Talon rethink her "love" for Garrett.
  • Janzo and Wen are also on an adventure with Munt. 
  • Janzo and Wen are the best thing about this show.
  • So there's a big old castle thing just a days ride from the Outpost. You'd think someone would have known about it.
  • Tobin leaves with his wife to go do something...
  • I like Tobin's wife who's name I can't remember.. it starts with an F.....
  • Of course, she has the red dot in her head, so she's probably on borrowed time. Just so Gwynn can get her true love.
  • The scene between Gwynn and Garrett seems like Garrett still has feelings for Gwynn.

Thoughts on Garrett:

  • The only time I've seen Garrett this season show any feelings is when it involves Gwynn. The two times were this episode when he was "I always knew you weren't meant for me" and when he was pissed off at Tobin for betraying Gwynn by marrying someone else.
  • The only impression I get from Garrett regarding Talon is he's 1) happy he won and 2) Talon picked him over Zed. In season 1, Garrett was an ass that kept telling Talon something along the lines of "of course you like me you protest to much" and this season he just seems so happy to throw it in Zed's face that Talon picked me over you!! 
  • I do not get the impression that Garret actually is in love with Talon.
  • However, I do realize I'm suppose to be routing for Garrett & Talon.
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