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S08.E24: Tony & Tiana


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After two years of shady excuses, Tony turns to Nev and Kamie for help in finding out why his online crush Tiana refuses to video chat or meet with him in person.

I think it's interesting that in both last week's episode and also this week's episode, the Catfishee turns out to be a bit of a douche who somewhat misrepresents the situation. Makes me wonder if these episodes were originally shelved because they were dramatically unsatisfying and they're only now being dusted off due to the pandemic and the need for more programming...?

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Well certainly Tony has had a very rough childhood, being in 24 foster homes. Yet the way he ended up conducting himself really was disappointing. He likes Tiana because he claims she's a "good mother," but he never mentions that he has a son the same age? He's able to fly off to Cali from Cinncinnati...is he spending any time with his child? When he claims he wouldn't want Tiana's child to go through a childhood like his?

Tiana was no prize, either. 

This was clearly filmed pre-pandemic, so yes it must have been stored away for when they needed a show. Apparently both Nev and Kamie had Covid in March. 

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