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S03.E19: M.I.A. Fiancee

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Shawn’s M.I.A. fiancée; Sarah’s husband & boyfriend come face to face; Shavel’s shocking discovery.

They're back!  Some former felons and felon followers and some continuing from the current season.  Shawn comes home to find Destinie missing.  Sure, he may be out $50K, but it's still better than spending more time with Destinie. A bear suit clad Murgh yet again is in close proximity to Sarah's rapidly losing interest beau.  Perhaps he'll figure out he is but a player in her sad drama and let Murgh and Sarah continue their same old, same old. 

And Shavel is shocked.  Shocked!  Money is on Quaylon is texting someone else.  Yet another player that you have to be truly desperate to be played by.

Original air date 2020.11.20

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