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S32: ​Alana and Leo (dating)

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Read Alana and Leo’s full bios.

Name: Alana Folsom
Age: 29 
Hometown: Somerville, Massachusetts  
Current occupation: Internal communications associate at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

Three words to describe you: Talkative, excitable, and smart.

What do you hope to accomplish by running The Amazing Race with your partner (other than winning one million bucks)? 
I hope to gain a deeper trust and better understanding of Leo, especially in high-stress situations. My trust in myself can falter and I want to see how much I can rely on him. We are great complements to each other, great partners, and, yeah, I want to test that. 

Name: Leo Brown
Age: 30 
Hometown: Somerville, Massachusetts
Current occupation: Senior healthcare data analyst

Three words to describe you: Determined, social, and eager.

What do you hope to accomplish by running The Amazing Race with your partner (other than winning one million bucks)? 
I want to convince Alana that I’m a keeper!

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Saw an interview with Leo and Alana (it’s on the TAR Facebook page). Yes they are now married and not only that, they are very good friends with Will and James. According to Alana, Leo and James text daily.

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On 10/18/2020 at 3:46 AM, Babalu said:

Leo and Alana are now married. I saw a post on Twitter tagging them, and they have the same last name (Alana’s!), so I googled. I wish you two many happy years!

For a second, I read that as "I wish you two happy years!" and I was like, "Kind of harsh, only two good years".  Then I re-read it.

Of course, back in the day, they would have had to already been in their "pre-existing relationship" for two years, IIRC.  Instead they've only been dating for ten months.  But it doesn't seem to have impaired them, admittedly.

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