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S06.E12: Ocarina

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This week: Kim Kil Whan tries to put the screws to his father through buying out the lease to his house. Unfortunately, his father is Jake. This is supposed to be about what a negligent father Jake is, but I'm not feeling it. After all, his puppies matured way faster than he ever could. How is that Jake's fault?


To those who are more into the show than me: who's your favorite puppy?



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I know they matured super fast on him, but still, dude was three hours late and was supposed to bring food. We've seen Jake cooking plenty of times and it seems like something he's good at and takes pride in, so.... it was a little weird to me that he was all here's a handful of macaroni. I wasn't feeling it more because they did actually seem to present him as a negligent father just in this episode, but I don't think I've seen evidence of that before. The previous evidence was much moreso just that they grew too fast and he kind of didn't know how to deal with it. So the whole thing felt incongruous to me.


Also I don't know why, after running out of treasure, Finn and Jake would suddenly consider getting jobs when in the past they always just got treasure from dungeoning whatnot. So it didn't make sense that they wouldn't use their normal means of treasure-obtaining. I mean, I get why Jake's son was telling them to get a job and that was needed for the purpose of the plot, but it just strike as weird that Jake, and especially Finn would react the way they did.


Plus I think there's a difference between Jake having the personality he's been shown to have, which sure, can be what many would consider immature at times, and it's a totally different thing to suggest he's actively irresponsible and inconsiderate. KKW seemed to say he was the one because of the other.

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Sure, his kids grew up fast, but one of them still did say "I love dad and all, but I've only met him twice." It seemed like maybe they were closer with Lady Rainicorn, who by the way Jake hasn't hung out with in like a million years.

It made sense for Jake to suggest robbing a bank, but I agree that I don't see why Finn didn't suggest just going dungeoneering a bit or whatever.

Still, liked this ep.

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Is it possible the portrayal of Jake was intended to be from KKW's perspective? It didn't totally look that way, but maybe?

I liked that KKW apparently married a bear, and already has a bear/dog/rainicorn hybrid daughter. This is based on the photo on his end table at the end.

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