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Chemical Hearts (2020)

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8 hours ago, Avabelle said:

Anybody see this on Prime? It was pretty awful. Way too angsty. Just depressing. The leads were good but the cringey writing overshadowed them. 

I tried to like it because I found the two actors charming enough but just, yeah, nobody could have made that writing work. It felt very heavy handed, tried way too hard and was just plain miserable. 

I am finding that as the world around me becomes more and more of an epic dumpster fire I just can't get into depressing, angsty teen drama anymore. I've also gone completely off crime procedurals and real crime shows but that's for another thread. 

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I think for me I just can’t believe that being a teenager is as fucking miserable as the film made it out to be. I mean yeah for Grace ok, she was traumatised after her boyfriend died. That’s understandable. But the way they harped on about how tough it was etc they just came off as spoilt white kids with no actual self awareness of the real world. It was just all so dramatic that I was cringing through nearly all of it. The seen in her wedding dress at the end - I think I’d missed her mentioning they were engaged - but even at that it was just so badly written I was suppressing laughter at some of the most dramatic parts.

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6 hours ago, Avabelle said:

I think for me I just can’t believe that being a teenager is as forking miserable as the film made it out to be.

I almost feel like they were doing a satire on how dramatic your average teenager can be. I mean they were so forking extra about everything that it almost felt like a parody but it seemed to take itself too seriously to actually have meant to be a parody. It almost works as a parody of all those angst ridden, teen tragedy type John Greenish dramas. But it doesn't quite get there. 

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