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S16.E19: Rogue Wave Juggernaut

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A rare weather event churns up rogue waves as supermoon tides collide with a cyclonic snowstorm. Josh and Casey face a 55-foot monster, while Jake risks capsizing to repair his rudder in unruly seas. Monte's big move north pays off in massive pots.


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For the gazillionth time.....a rogue wave is one that comes out of seemingly calm conditions, or is waaaaaay out of proportion to the current seas.  What we saw was consistent and known peril.  Nothing rogue about it.   Dangerous as all get out, but not rogue.

So at the end, Mouse says his brother is a jackass, but he had already come to the same conclusion which was to grab all the gear and go South.  Would it have killed him to simply say so?  What a jerk.  Or, more likely, what Disco-dictated garbage.

Jake A. sure is snake-bitten.  

Dem Russkies is winnin'!  Where's Slim Pickens when you need him?

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