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Anticipation for Rust: Creative, Cast and Content

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In a small rust-belt town in southwest Pennsylvania, Chief of Police Del Harris investigates after a dead body turns up in an abandoned steel mill.

Stars Jeff Daniels and Maura Tierney.  Early reviewers have panned it.

You wouldn’t think Showtime tried to copy Mare of Easttown, which takes place is SE PA, because this show would have to have been in development for a couple of years and Mare was out just within the past year.

But not sure people in a small Rust Belt town would necessarily be that compelling.  Most people with talent and ambition would have left such towns and the people remaining would be struggling economically as well as dealing with rampant opioid abuse and all the attendant problems of high unemployment and grim prospects.  So one particular murder might not stand out.  This isn’t Twin Peaks.

Daniels and Tierney are attractive performers, usually deserving of an audience.  Even at their ages, probably too glamorous for small Rust Belt town, so not believable.  Their characters will likely be too smart and ambitious to be relegated to a small town, which may be suffering from small-mindedness.


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I'm anticipating tomorrow night (Sunday 11-7) and this gloomy mess finally being over!

⚰️  ⚰️  ⚰️  ⚰️  ⚰️  ⚰️  ⚰️  ⚰️  ⚰️  ⚰️  ⚰️  ⚰️  ⚰️  ⚰️  ⚰️  ⚰️  ⚰️  ⚰️  ⚰️  ⚰️  ⚰️  ⚰️  ⚰️  ⚰️  ⚰️  ⚰️

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