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S01.E06: (Ruth 1:16)

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Hark! A wedding song rang out to unite The Hunters in a time of discord. "The Hunt is not only about death," Meyer cried unto Jonah, "It is about life!" But their mirth was tempered by an untimely strike and suspicions of a Judas among them. Seeking the origins of Evil, Millie offered up a sacrifice.

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I'm glad that Jonah told Cheeks the truth (and I'm really glad that Cheeks believed him because it does sound pretty crazy). It always drives me crazy on tv shows and in movies when people push their loved ones away to protect them instead of just telling them the truth and letting them make a choice (see also: Millie breaking up with Maria).

Even though it turned out that Harriet ran off with the guy who killed Murray and Mindy's son, the way she went about it made no sense. She didn't have to run off with him and leave Joe and Jonah behind so that whole plot twist (or non-twist) felt like it was done that way just for drama.

The conversation that Jonah had with Mindy and Murray at the wedding was really sweet. I'm glad he was finally able to connect with his culture and feel like he was part of the tribe.

I really liked the scene where Joe went to visit his old friend and told him how much it meant to him that he was the only one who was nice to him in training.

Lonny continues to be an over the top delight.

Seeing the library and all that research burn hurt.

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I am on Episode 6 on this. For the life of me I can't figure out how they couldn't find any native German speakers for this show. I suspect there's a bunch of German actors in New York, and Hungary isn't that far to get some. 

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