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Brooklyn Nine Nine: The Podcast

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As an avid listener of The Good Place: The Podcast, I'm excited B99 is getting its own with Marc Evan Jackson hosting! I figured this may warrant its own topic to discuss podcast episodes specifically.

Begins February 3, 2020.

This is the official podcast for NBC's Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Join host Marc Evan Jackson for a deep dive into each season of one of television's biggest hit comedies with guests including co-creator Dan Goor, cast members Terry Crews, Joe Lo Truglio, Melissa Fumero, Stephanie Beatriz and more as they reveal behind-the-scenes stories, funny anecdotes, never-before-heard secrets and much, much more!

Podcast site on NBC.com: https://www.nbc.com/brooklyn-nine-nine/exclusives/brooklyn-nine-nine-podcast

Six episodes available Feb. 3rd.

Part 1: Getting the Squad Together -  The Podcast’s host Marc Evan Jackson cops a squat with showrunner and co-creator Dan Goor; cast members Terry Crews (Terry Jeffords), Joe Lo Truglio (Charles Boyle) and Melissa Fumero (Amy Santiago); director Linda Mendoza and writers Gabe Liedman and Marcy Jarreau. They talk about the first season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, its creation and bringing the cast together, including known actors who passed on Marc Evan Jackson’s role. They also discuss a key episode from Season 1, entitled “The Party,” where we see Kevin Cozner for the first time. Joe Lo Truglio and Terry Crews also reveal their personal journeys to keeping their egos in check and becoming humble collaborators. Be sure to subscribe for more behind-the-scenes stories, performance notes and more!

Part 2: Relationship GoalsThe Podcast’s host Marc Evan Jackson cops a squat with Stephanie Beatriz (Rosa Diaz), Joel McKinnon Miller (Scully), Dirk Blocker (Hitchcock), writer/producer David Phillips, writer/producer Laura McCreary, writer/executive producer Luke Del Tredici and 1st A.D. Tony Nahar. They talk about the second season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and fleshing out the relationships of the characters. They also discuss a key episode from Season 2, entitled “Beach House,” where we see Jake and Amy before they coupled up. They also talk about the show’s decision to write Rosa as bisexual and Stephanie Beatriz’s involvement in her character’s development.

Part 3: Be Our Guest... StarThe Podcast’s host Marc Evan Jackson cops a squat with co-creator/executive producer Dan Goor, writer/executive producer Luke Del Tredici, Jason Mantzoukas (Adrian Pimento), Ken Marino (Captain Jason "C.J." Stentley), Kyle Bornheimer (Teddy Wells) and Nicole Byer (Trudy Judy). They talk about the third season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and the incredible guest cast, including Jason Mantzoukas as the bizarrely hilarious Adrian Pimento, Kyle Bornheimer as the sweet and somewhat vengeful Teddy Wells, Ken Marino as the amusingly underqualified Captain Jason "C.J." Stentley and Nicole Byer as the fun-loving criminal Trudy Judy. 

Part 4: Truth in ComedyThe Podcast’s host Marc Evan Jackson cops a squat with co-executive producer/writer Justin Noble, Terry Crews (Terry Jeffords), co-creator/executive producer Dan Goor, writer/executive producer Luke Del Tredici, editor Cortney Carrillo and director of photography Rick Page. They talk about the fourth season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and the show’s unique ability to earnestly take on social issues while keeping things comedic. They also discuss a key episode from Season 4, entitled “Moo Moo,” where Terry (Terry Crews) encounters racial profiling by a fellow cop. Terry Crews shares some personal stories about his own experience being racially targeted, which informed his performance in the episode. Cortney Carrillo and Rick Page also run down the postproduction process for the editorial department and give insights into how the episodes are molded after everything is shot.

Part 5: Ain't No Heist Like a Halloween HeistThe Podcast’s host Marc Evan Jackson cops a squat with Melissa Fumero (Amy Santiago), co-executive producer/writer David Phillips, co-executive producer/editor Cortney Carrillo, costume designer Alexis Jacks, property master Chris Call and art director Walter Eckert. They talk about the fifth season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and the continuing tradition of the Halloween Heist episodes, break down all the heists through the years - including Season 5's heist, “HalloVeen” - and reveal tons of great behind-the-scenes stories and Easter eggs. Melissa also talks about the moment when Jake proposes to Amy and the special feeling on set during filming.

Part 6: From Flatline to Back NineThe Podcast’s host Marc Evan Jackson cops a squat with writers Paul Welsh and Madeline Walter, co-creator/executive producer Dan Goor, Joe Lo Truglio (Charles Boyle), Stephanie Beatriz (Rosa Diaz), production coordinator Beatriz Chahin and director of photography Rick Page. They talk about the sixth and most recent season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine - more specifically, the season finale episode, “Suicide Squad”- as well as the series as a whole and its reception and impact on television and pop culture.


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I really enjoyed listening to this podcast, even though it was a little disappointing that Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher (other than the interstitials) weren't involved. I also hope they can record a few episodes about Season 7 after the season ends. I can always use more Marc Evan Jackson in my ears. 

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Oh, cool. I was hoping they'd do this after the success of The Good Place podcast. I will have to download these later. It'll be fun to hear from the cast about specific episodes, and hopefully Samberg and Brougher will get involved with some later episodes. 

I just listened to Andy on the Comedy Bang Bang podcast with Nick Kroll, and he didn't seem like someone who dislikes doing podcasts. B99 is obviously very important to him, and I'm sure he'd be happy to appear if his schedule allows.

Edit: Two episodes in, and it's a lot of fun. Similar to The Good Place one, it's lighthearted but intricate in exploring the show.

The mid-episode bumper with Andre and Stephanie is funny, and I will never get used to just how different Stephanie sounds in real life.

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