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I've been watching and mostly enjoying, especially after working in Alaska recently.

Interesting that some communities rotate police in and out on two-week shifts, like the oil rig workers I grew up with. Some government agencies are experimenting with similar schedules as a way to attract workers with advanced technical skills into undesirable locations.

I'm also amazed when the officers cite the below zero temps and then climb out of their police cars with no hat and coat.

In the tiny remote villages there are peace offers who don't carry weapons.

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The village peace officers are civilians with police training, and don't carry weapons (thanks to watching Alaska State Troopers, or whatever the show name was).      A lot of the issues with the remote villages is with smuggling of alcohol.    Many of the towns have voted to ban alcohol, and they catch a lot smuggling in bottles that cost less than $50 in Anchorage, and sell for many hundred in the villages.     

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Former Alaskan here. I used to watch Alaska State Troopers and am now watching this show. I once worked for the AST Drug Unit, so I’m familiar with the alcohol and drug problem in AK. Regarding the episode that took place in Kotzebue, I’m surprised the city is damp and not dry. It seemed like most of the calls were alcohol-related, and it’s a small community in a remote area of AK. 

I didn’t realize they recruited FPD officers from out of state. That is interesting, but I guess it makes sense given how cold it is in Fairbanks. I lived in Anchorage and many of us considered Fairbanks hard core!


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