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S01.E04: No Cross, No Crown

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I just finished all four episodes and this show is terribly disappointing. Great cast that is mostly under-utilized and the direction and overall look of the show is horrible. I felt like they wanted so badly for this to be a "serious" show that they ended up going to opposite route and making it seem like a Lifetime moving that was trying too hard. The directing is atrocious. The close zoom in on the prison bars closing, a cigarette, the name someone is saved under on a phone, etc. They couldn't get through one scene without these awful closeups that were overdone and felt too try hard. I feel like the writing is too preachy and clumsy and Octavia's character doesn't feel like a real person. I don't understand giving her an entire family unit if only her husband was going to be given any type of development. 

I do like the overall mystery, but they need a better team to execute it. Someone who understands character development and can give these characters a purpose. I want them to delve into the relationships with each family member and tie them into the main story so they have purpose. I'm going to keep watching to see if it gets any  better, but this cast deserves better.

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