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Season 4: Best. Season. Ever.

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Well, it was, though the first pod is actually fairly far down on my list of favourite arcs. Too much focus on the ghost rider and the whole ghost story was kind of eh. But the second and third pod blew everything out of the water.

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I think it was the Ghost Rider, a bonafide comic character already chosen for the movies and his presence which gave many the season 4 as the best bias. Meanwhile beyond him you had Deathlok and Graviton while the rest just hinted at Marvel's greatest comic characters while not coming out so Feige might not have to openly break continuity if he decides to use them later.

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I liked Robbie Reyes and Ghost Rider but it does pale in comparison to the later "Framework" one. It was just a genius way to do the old trope of the Dystopian alternate reality. Showing how May changing her regret and saving the Inhuman child in Bahrain could have lead to HYDRA taking over the world was brilliant. As the horrible effect Fitz having his abusive father around would have on him. I just thought dividing the season into 3 different arcs was and I wish more shows did that instead of having one Big Bad throughout a season which leads to a lot of wheel-spinning and characters being idiots to service plot.

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Gotta say, I loved the Aida storyline.  For those that didn't read the comics, this took a few story elements from the "Nick Fury vs. SHIELD" limited series from 1988 (the idea being that the Life Model Decoys created by SHIELD had gained sentience and had their own agenda) and ran with it.

I remember that watching Season 4 when it first came out was somewhat stressful.  I truly felt uncomfortable as the episodes went on, thinking that the writers wrote themselves into a corner and made it impossible to resolve the storyline.  But in the end it really was a great season.

I just finished rewatching it (with my daughter) and the season is a lot less stressful when binge-watched (and also with the foresight that they do resolve the storyline).

Just one gripe, but it wasn't the writers' fault.  I wish that they used the same Darkhold in Wanda/Vision.  Guess they really don't want to acknowledge that the show is part of the MCU.

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