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S01.E12: Ashes, Ashes

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So... yeah. That happened. Increase really is a man al about his executions, isn't he. "Speak up, its the only way to save yourselves from the flame. Ha ha, fooled you, k, let's go hang you now. But thanks for  giving false testimony against Aldan for me,  totes 'preciate it."


You know, at first I thought Increase didn't really believe that John was guilty and that he was in for the long con just to draw Mary out. But, now... I'm not so sure. Now I'm starting to feel like he's just butthurt for having admired him and wishing him to be his own son instead of the constant supposed disappointment that is  Cotton, and now he's working double time to make up for it. he really strikes me as a man who doesn't like being proven wrong. I also think if he truly thought his methods of interrogation were so justified, he wouldn't have been so outraged by Cotton presenting them in court.  He certainly seemed to relish presenting them for himself to those he intended to use them on. 


Mercy's certainly pissed, and I can't say I blame her. However, she's been a witch all of five minutes. Does she really think she has what it takes to assume the role of "the new queen of the night"?


Mary outed herself to John for reals? I definitely didn't see that coming. I do find myself kinda rooting for her, but I just don't see it ending well should John ever find out what she did to their baby, even if he somehow manages to overlook the whole murderous witch thing. 

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How does a beauty like Mary make peace with having a hag reflecting back at her in the mirror?  I'm not buying that the trade-off is worth it.   Looking all hagged out, having to take shit from deformed AARP members, coddling psycho Mercy Lewis ... and for what?  What has she really gained by being a witch? 


I think she's realizing this.   If the show lasts, I predict now that she's outed herself to John, she'll start looking for an exit strategy to get out of the witchhood, so that they can go off together and have a life. 


ETA: Neither John nor Mary's hands are clean.  John carries the guilt of murdering his countrymen in a fit of rage, and murdering that last guy with premeditation.   Mary had intercourse with the Devil, sacrificed their child, has sent innocents to their deaths, tormented Mr. Sibley, etc.   Do they forgive each other and start over?   Or are Mary's deeds worse than John's and thus unforgiveable?


Also, I noticed some prominent cast members were missing from this episode, possibly to keep production costs down.   Mr. Sibley, Mr. Hale, and Tituba --although two were mentioned in the dialogue by Increase Mather.

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