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Write your own Epilogue or Do-Over!

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Personally I like it when a series doesn't wrap every character in a box, leaving us to imagine what happened.   Wild speculation, crackpot theories, and thoughtful discussion all welcomed!   

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 Alison's demise  has happened    and  that can't be undone when we return after s4. We're going to need throw more money or control at J.J.  though... whatever it takes to get Cole back!

 Cole, Athena and Noah  press Lt. Jeffries and  the authorities to investigate Alison's death further. 👮‍♂️They ask to  have  the evidence reviewed and assert that  a mother who'd lost one child and drifted with no father and a frequently  absent mother certainly wouldn't have committed suicide  leaving her young daughter alone.  ... and no, she didn't have untreated depression. All that would have been investigated and sorted out before Woodlawn allowed Alison to counsel vulnerable grieving patients who'd just lost a child.

Cole and Luisa  ended their relationship after  Alison's funeral and his return  from the trip he took  Joanie on. They remain in the same house, the Lockheart ranch  long enough to get Luisa her citizenship. The   trip  ended with a drop in  at Nan's Inn with weekly "salon". Cole surfs, rests  and recharges there and  enters a December May relationship with Nan. Hey, if Noah can  chase 24 year olds for several  seasons...  Cole goes out to California twice a year to be with  Nan.✈️

The Lockhearts got their ranch back after Cole made a killing selling the Lobster Roll  to the big east coast seafood  chain. 💰 Cole raised Joanie  there with Luisa for the first few years until she moved out. The mere fact that Joanie lives past her early years  means the Grandpa Silas  curse where no Lockheart issue survive is broken. Cole, Caleb and Hal all work on the ranch.  Cole's brother Hal   and  his SIL who lost baby Hal go on to have more  children.🤰🤰🤰

Oscar Hodges  works at the ranch, 🐴🤠as does  Martin  once  he's finished with  school. Whitney  goes into the Peace Corp!🚶‍♂️ 🥾💦🛶 🚶‍♂️🥾Stacy is still in school being 12 forever.  Cherry can finally stop working and relax a bit, surrounded by her family and grand kids.👩‍👧‍👧👨‍👩‍👦

Still haunted by his father's and Alison's suicides (though he really suspects Ben murdered her),  Cole begins to  retreat into  to himself. 👻  He reads Alison's journals which are among some of her possessions that  Athena  gave him and he learns all about EMDR.  Cole steers    his brother Caleb posing as a PTSD sufferer toward Ben in AA. Cole urges him  to get Ben to be his sponsor  and get  him to talk about and eventually try   the  unconventional therapy. on him by saying nothing  is helping  with  his symptoms.  Unbeknownst to Ben, Caleb's palms 👐have been lightly coated with  silicone and then dabbed with deadly tetradotoxin 🐡from an exotic puffer fish. 🤾‍♂️💀⚰️

  After avenging Alison's death, Cole begins to gradually  shake off his depression and feel like himself again. Poor Nan was killed in a freak   welding accident  while working on a huge metal art piece. He runs into Delphine at Nan's funeral  and they begin seeing each other. They  fall in love,👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 marry and settle in Montauk and have   two boys and a girl.🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️🤸‍♀️

 When  Luisa moved on from the Lockheart ranch she opened her own restaurant  in Montauk🍽️ 🍴and continued to be like a mother to Joanie. When   Joanie was 19 or 20 she hit it off with and eventually moved in  with Martin. They separate several times over the years though, as each each of them have bouts of mental illness and depression.

 Alison's Dad  (who needed a new kidney and went to Ca. to have the procedure) and Vik ended up in the same hospital and  some  major mix up occurred where  Vic went in for  transplant surgery and received James 's  pancreas, one of the first such successful surgeries ever! 👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️He  now  lives on cancer free with Helen and the Solomanders. They're raising Eddie together, of course. Helen has great success with  Helen Butler Interiors and  hardly has to actually do any work, as one of her many staff   just bring materials lists  by for her to sign off on. Occasionally  she'll meet initially with an L.A. client if they're high profile enough.

Descent  bombed at the box office and abruptly ended both Sasha Man's and Noah Solloway's careers. No more sycophants in their 20's shoving phone numbers at either of them.  Noah even lost  his teaching position when  the news surfaced he  fraternized with the Principal and endangered the lives of children by provoking that  walk out where an asthmatic student became separated from her inhaler. It all comes out during Janelle's  run for the Board of Ed position when her opponents dig up dirt.

Trevor and Athena meet  by chance when he enrolls in a new age spiritual retreat for actors 🎩🎤📽️where she's a visiting guide/teacher. After she fixes up his "humors" she becomes like a mentor to him and they make plans to go into business together planning unconventional funerals for people when Trevor finishes school, in California... of course.

Sascha is selling hanging inverted yoga chairs. He's in business with Margaret  selling those,   and sex toys.  Priya and Abdul  are involved too, as they  import the fabric for the chairs. Margaret is doing it to pay for Bruce's care and to sure up the family fortune. Margaret and Bruce  sold   the Montauk house and moved  to California to be near Helen.

When The Affair wrap up  is shown, Helen and Vic's happiness is starkly contrasted against  Noah just getting by, all alone with his  regrets  over having blown up his life and left his family. Well not all alone, he's sharing an apartment with   now divorced Max (the hedge fund guy) who also moved to L.A. after  suffering major financial losses. Now they're  two cranky old men   both lamenting having screwed it up with  perfect girl, Helen.  When we see  the future Vik and Helen are surrounded by their extended family and they're  bouncing their grand babies (none of whom were sired by Colin or Furcat) on their knees.👨‍👧‍👧👩‍👧‍👧🤸‍♀️🧘‍♂️

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Well done, I love it!

Whitney was diagnosed with PTSD shortly after seeing her parents banging at the Memory Motel, and never stopped blaming them for leaving the curtains open.   The others didn't actually see anything, but were traumatized by the noise nonetheless.



Whitney became a raging alcoholic and her children developed various behavioral issues which she claimed was inherited trauma from the same incident.  Colin spends a lot of time in his basement studio napping and still dreams of leaving this godforsaken country someday - preferably alone.


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Love the do-over and edited the title to open it up.  Anything goes. Do-overs of epilogues and do-overs of do-overs also welcome! 😃

This just in...

Oscar buzz surrounds latest Sasha Mann project

Known as a method actor who completely embodies his characters, sometimes for months, we caught up with Sasha and asked him 'Why Omar Bradley, of all people? What gave you the idea?'

"I've always found him fascinating"  he explained.  "He was methodical, determined, and a man you don't mess with.  I could relate to him."


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