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Batwoman Quotes

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I admit it. I am making this thread just to have a place to post this conversation:

Luke: Let me call you a car.

Mary: To take me where? The penthouse built on lies of falsely dead children? Hard pass. 

Luke: Look. I get that you're going through a lot right now, but Kate is obviously not here, and I'm really trying to work.

Mary: Seriously, Luke, I am going through a major family crisis here, okay? I don't even know who my own mom is anymore. I just found out I have a second stepsister. Kate found her actual full sister? Oh, my God. Wait. Is Kate with Alice right now?

Luke: If I say yes, will you leave?

Mary: Wow. Here I am at the literal lowest point that I've ever been, and Kate decides to choose today of all days to go out for some sisterly bonding with a coldblooded killer? Meanwhile, how many people have I murdered, hmm?

Luke: What?

Mary: Guess! How many people have I killed? It's between zero and --why are you even hesitating right now?! Zero. I've killed zero people. I'm the good sister. 

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Nice transcription.  Thanks for this.  I haven't seen the episode yet, but the dialog, while fascinating and well written, is in keeping with the dialog of previous episodes. It appears Mary and Alice are getting the best lines, while Kate gets the drab ones. It's either her lines or her delivery that keeps me from truly enjoying the full Batwoman performance.

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Kara: So the Paragon of Courage is apparently afraid of yardwork.

Kate: Better let me do the talking. [Earth 99 Luke answers in an open shirt.] Wow. That's a really impressive six-pack.

Earth 99 Luke: Sorry. Do I know you?

Kate: No. No, but I know you. Well, a different like, a less this version of you. I I'm Kate Kane. I'm Bruce's cousin.

Earth 99 Luke: Yeah, no. [slams door]

Kara: Earth-one villain?

Kate: Only friend actually.

Kara: Oh. Well, at least, he's cute.

Kate: Nope. Uh-uh. Let's not make that weird. That's weird. 

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Luke: "... You didn't hear a word I just said, did you?"
Kate: "I love this bike!"

Sophie: "You ever feel like your hiding from the world?"
Batwoman: "I'm literally standing in a shadow."

"We need you! If Batwoman goes away, this city's hope goes with it."
Alice: "I think I just puked in my mouth."

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Mary: I know what it sounds like, and you think that I'm in denial and grabbing at straws, and, yes, I have seen every episode of "Dateline", and I know the husband always does it, but not this time.


Mary: As a doctor, you should really remove the word "crazy" from your everyday vernacular. 

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Vesper: "Apologies for the late broadcast Gotham, like many of you, I was stopped on my way to work by Crows agents looking for Alice. On the upside, I'm pretty sure that involuntary pat-down counts as my annual mammogram. Holy police state, Batwoman!"

Mary: "[Batwoman] likes me. Plus, she kind of owes me one."

Alice: "My knife is pretty good at subtraction."

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Kate: "We just took out an old lady. I'm pretty sure that sister bonding time is over."

Alice: "Well, we're breaking a killer out of Arkham, so, you can't exactly go in disguised as a flying rodent."

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Tommy Elliot: "...And very soon, the world will call me Batman."

Alice: "Oh, do you want a parade? Because I'm pretty sure my sister is in the large intestine of a great white!"


Alice: "... Because on my planet, you are still Tommy Elliot, and if I so much as breathe a word, Bruce Wayne goes from being the meat in a Top Model sandwich to the guy with a steak for a face!"

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Black Mask: "Oh please, enlighten me. Who am I?"

Batwoman: "You're a sadistic drug lord."

Black Mask: ::looks over at the minion he just gruesomely cut in half:: "Okay, I can see why you might think that...."

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Alice: "You have our father's eyes!"  <-- (A line from the comics.)


Alice: "... Watch your back, steppy."
Mary: "So, you came here to warn me out of the goodness of your... empty chest cavity?"

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Alice: "She's wearing yoga pants, this is so much worse than I thought!"

Alice: "Daddy, you don't get this extra without a little shove."

Mary: "A syringe chock full of benzos? Comes in handy in Gotham."

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Luke: (to Ryan)"I fitted your mask with ocular mesh scanners from the Batsuit, be careful." "Sophie, yours is from the dollar store - go nuts."

-- And then Sophie's reaction makes it even funnier!

Batwoman (looking at a dessicted Poison Ivy): "Tell me she had a charming personality,"

Alice: "Do you know all those looney toon delusions I've been having; postcards from Dad, imaginary friends, walking in on Sophie in the shower?"

Mary: "That last one happened."

Alice: "...Oh."

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Sophie: "Ever watch a horror movie? When Black people go into the woods they usually don't come out."

Ryan: "Black people never write those movies. Whaddaya say we flip the script?"


Luke: "What is she doing?"

Sophie: "Her arms are too short!"

Batwoman: "I can hear you!"

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From 3.10, "Toxic":

[Villain Coach] Poison Ivy: "Get to the point. Too many words, and it gets a little mustashe-twirly."

Poison Ivy: "If I wanted Renee here, I would have invited her."

Mary: "I'm not trying to be a Renee-sayer...."

Luke: "Not-Batcave to Batwoman,"

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From 3.11, "Broken Toys":

Zsasz: "You too? Wow, we have so much in common! I mean, I didn't abandon a daughter to this city's brutally underfunded foster system, all the while perched comfortably atop a billion-dollar empire, but, potayto, potahto."

Batwoman: "... The moment you say my name, all of Gotham will know how much I accomplished with nothing, and how little you accomplished with everything."

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