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David T. Cole

Dr. Byron Orpheus: Magic-User, Tenant

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With the recent media attention on Marvel's upcoming Dr. Strange movie, I found out our own Dr. Orpheus is based on him! Which could be hilarious or enough cognitive dissonance to break your brain. Enjoy this montage of our favorite necromancer.

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That's what was missing in "Gargantua!" Not enough Orpheus!

I don't give a damn about Billy's mother. Or most of Phantom Limb's sidekicks.

The Action Man has exceeded his recommended small dosage. As has Henry Killinger.

Nobody cares about Vatred! How do the writers not grasp that?

Hell, I'm even getting bored with Sergeant Gentleman, if he's not actually going to do anything funny or awesome.

But Orpheus? First of all, he's pretty much always funny. And on the rare occasions that he isn't, it's because he has something so human and sympathetic to say that it actually enhances his usual scene-chewery. I do miss his interactions with Triana, though. I like Al, and I like Jefferson, but neither one of them is his daughter. Orpheus as a teenaged girl's father... that was him at his best!

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