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S04.E18: The Kids are Alright

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The Puerto Rico trip ends with golf, shopping and the threat of arrest; Brandi surprises her parents; Kim and Yolanda's daughters go to college; Lisa tells Carlton why she left Puerto Rico in the middle of the night.
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Dear Lisa, if you are going to cry and we are to believe it's real, we need to see tears. Even just a few.  I know this ruins the makeup, but that is a sacrifice you are going to have to make. 

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Dear Yolanda,


I know you were just practicing being snarky because the producers told you to, but did you really have to approach Lisa and stir up trouble?  Stick to stirring up your Master Cleanse, and leave the nasties to Kyle, who got more mileage out of this season than any other housewife in history.


Dear Kyle,


You reminded me of the Watergate story.  Did you talk about it in history class?  Sen. Howard Baker kept asking, "What did the President [Nixon] know, and when did he know it?"  You played the same role that Howard Baker did.  "Who saw the magazine story about Mauricio having a lover, and where did you see it?"  You managed to draw that one out for the entire, boring season.  When Mauricio raged at you to forget it, millions cheered!

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