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Battle of the Fittest Couples - General Discussion

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Premiered Tuesday, October 15 at 11:00 p.m. ET/PT on the Paramount Network.

Anybody else checked this out?  Those physical challenges really were pretty intense, and some of the one's shown in the season preview that have yet to occur look even worse.

I thought the winning couple made the best choice they could in deciding who should go up against the losing couple in the elimination challenge.  Winning the very first challenge is sort of a win-lose situation.  They are safe for that week but end up with a target on their backs from every other couple.  Choosing what appeared to be the strongest couple to go up against the bottom couple seemed straightforward enough.  I don't think acquiescing to the alliance's request would have served them well as I don't think any of them were trustworthy.  This way they get not only get rid of one of the strongest couples right away, but they also put the kibosh on that particular alliance.

I'll keep watching for now mainly to see how the producer's continue to physically torture these blockheads.

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1 hour ago, icemiser69 said:

Not a fan of the dude that thinks it is his kitchen and makes no apologies for it.  It seems like he is trying too hard to be a jerk.

I don't believe he's *trying* to be a jerk. I believe he is a jerk. 

This just reinforces to me why I would never ever date a muscle head. Jerks.

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Yeah, Master of All Things Food Prep is such an arrogant douche that even when he and his partner went to kiss the Young Guns' asses to get them to not vote them into the Cage, he couldn't help but act like an arrogant douche anyway, to the extent that you could see his own partner rolling her eyes at his arrogant douchery, since she realized that his behavior was making the whole point of having the conversation in the first place completely backfire.

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Last night's episode was a small step down for me in that the main challenge was more of a gimmick than an extreme athletic challenge.  Having to down four sun-baked rancid vegan protein shakes is more of a fear factor challenge than an athletic one.  Sure, rolling your partner 50 yards in a giant tire requires some power and stamina but the average person could accomplish that.  The real challenge was the gastronomic one, and what does fitness have to do with that?

I also am wondering if the rage cage challenge is decided ahead of time or is decided once the showrunners know which couple will be joining the losers in the elimination challenge.  I ask because in episodes 1 and 3 where the couples looked relatively evenly matched in terms of physical stature, both challenges were some variation of a basic tug of war.  But week 2 had the biggest guy in the house (the celebrity trainer, the AA guy who is not well suited for sprinting up steep hills) along with his wife who looks quite powerful herself among the women, go up against a physically less intimidating couple, and the challenge was basically about sliding around in oil.  If it had been more of a direct test of strength like a tug of war, it would have lasted a few seconds.  The rage cage challenge could have been assigned by chance, but I have my suspicions.

Oh, and when you quite matter of fact tell a person you hardly know who is making you a promise that you are not sure if you can trust them, and they go off the rail with anger as if you have insulted their mom or something, that is probably a person who you shouldn't be trusting.

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I just finished watching episodes 4 through 6 on demand. I have a suspicion that the series was removed from the regular schedule due to how damn brutal it is. Maybe looks irresponsible on the part of the producers and the network. 

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Man, I am pissed off that the villain couple won!

If Christie & Josh hadn't had the leave the competition they would've destroyed Kyle & Shay in the Rage Cage.

Robbie throughout the show treated his partner Jessika like shit and him hitting her in the face with the paddle only solidifies that he is an asshole.

Jaret & Christina couldn't get that medicine ball in the cage in save their life, but if they could've gotten over that obstacle they would've been right behind Kyle & Shay and not given them any rest which  would've made that last Rage Cage very close.


Overall I liked the show but I think they could improve it by making the Rage Cage have more full on contact eliminations and get ride of the 2 hosts. 


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Thanks for bumping the thread, Hiacios.

Well, it was not the classic "Hollywood ending" since the "bad guys" did win it all in the end.  On the other hand, it is hard to say that Kyle and Shay did not earn their win.  They were definitely the best players strategically as well as strong players athletically, so their victory was disappointing but not an outrage.  Sort of like Richard Hatch.  Overall, I congratulate the producers for creating a very engaging series with decent interpersonal drama and a believable and overall satisfying arc.

Re: Jaret and Christina and that final competition - I know this is probably a little before their time since they look quite young, but I would have granted them lifelong membership and special mention in the reality TV hall of fame, if one of them had yelled out in complete exasperation and frustration, "Our medicine balls are broken!"

Re: Robbie and Jessika and the errant paddle - I realize this is unkind but Jessika proves the theorem that fit does not equal pretty.  I can't help but feel that there is something poetic about being hit in the face with the paddle given her history of being struck with the ugly stick. Lest anyone think I am being too shallow, I'm happy to share she is a dimwit too, since Shay played her like a finely tuned fiddle regarding knee brace-gate that led to the models getting eliminated and perhaps ruined the best chance to get rid of Shay and Kyle for good.

Re: Michael and Heaven - I was not a fan of either but I thought Heaven was drop dead gorgeous and I have to agree with which ever of their competitors made the comment after their elimination - "best proposal ever!"  I couldn't help but be happy for them both.

One other quite random thought: Super fit people sure eat a whole lotta pizza. . .I eat a whole lotta pizza. . .so, uhm, what am I doing wrong?



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