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  1. Wow, this show has really fallen a fucking part! They fucked up every character and have made this show all about 2 of the worst characters in Dolores and Hale. The way they made Serac's character get dumber and dumber in these last 2 ep is fucking ridiculous: He could've easily stopped stuck up Dolores and killed Hale in the first couple of episodes but they made him play dumb and be nowhere near them to actually stop Dolores's dumb plan. SMH. And the plot armor Hale has is off the fucking charts ridiculous. This show sucks ass!
  2. That's what I was saying about Mia and Izzy: They're both self-righteous assholes who think that they can do no wrong. They're both narcissists. I loved it when Elena finally yelled at her spoiled brat of a daughter at the Christmas photo shoot, she needs to continue to put Izzy in her place.
  3. I hope there is a limit to how many red skulls you can collect because it doesn't make sense that you can keep throwing the same person in an elimination.
  4. After watching that ep my hatred for Mia, Bebe, Izzy, and the annoying boyfriend of Lexie has boiled over. Mia showed in this ep that she never puts her daughter first, Bebe is a pathological lair, Izzy is a narcissistic, ungrateful little bitch, and Brian is self righteous, guilt tripping scumbag who uses the color of his skin to get over on people.
  5. No, she did it to to get at Elena because she is a spiteful and ungrateful person who fucked with the wrong person. Glad, Elena told Pearl what a POS her mother is.
  6. Who else was happy that Jay won?
  7. I've been waiting for TLK to return. Thank you for posting the trailer!
  8. Well, that elimination was shit. I really hope we don't run in to much more of these useless episodes. Jenny celebrating like she actually did something is fucking laughable and Dee is so damn petty and clingy as fuck.
  9. The characters who I think are utter pieces of shit are Mia, Izzy, and Bebe. Mia: A deadbeat, morally bankrupt, nasty person. Izzy: A spoiled, ungrateful, ugly inside and out person. Bebe: Another deadbeat, morally bankrupt, nasty person.
  10. Thank you TJ! No more competitors skating to the final.
  11. The one word to describe this show is... bisexual. I've had enough of that word in the 2 episodes I watched.
  12. I haven't been watching the show that long but man, Chole is a patronizing self-righteous POS! She needs to stay out of peoples business! She ain't nobodies "older sister!"
  13. I didn't think that this was possible but they managed to turn this show into a shit show! Adding transgenders and lesbians and gays just throws the show off. Hard pass on this season.
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