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  1. If I could roll my eyes any harder at this ridiculous statement, people would surely think I was having a seizure.
  2. The bride was actually Charlotte's sister-in-law (her husband's sister). That's why the MIL was there--however, MIL and SIL were both classless.
  3. I know this is a cliche' but Brandi really did have a beautiful face, even before the weight loss.
  4. I agree that Charlotte's mother-in-law was passively-aggressively-mean. But what was creepy was her father--while they were having their little talk, he kept looking at her chest---ewwww......I never thought I'd want to hear "Eyes up here, dad, eyes up here!" The other thing is, I thought Charlotte's facial structure was closer to Justin Bieber's than the Belieber boy.
  5. I didn't even think they were really acting up that much in the store! I've seen much worse--they seemed like normal little kids who were bored and probably tired from the day's activities. All in all, I think they behaved well. And KarenReilly, Jen has probably already arranged for Zoey to be assessed by one of the many professionals she knows! I know if I was a pediatrician, I would take advantage of all my contacts!
  6. I agree with you--she doesn't seem to have the large trunk and oversized head that is typical of that type of dwarfism. She looks more like Bill, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.
  7. Yes, I too enjoyed watching Will and Zoey watch the sea lions--they are adorable!
  8. I had never heard Demi Lovato's speaking voice, and if I never hear it again well, that's ok!
  9. Excellent point! And, I might add, if a male doctor beat cancer and persevered to keep a long term obligation as a key-note speaker, he would be revered and applauded for his tenacity!
  10. I'm not a country music fan but, out of boredom a few nights ago, I watched a Miranda Lambert bio on TV. She co-wrote the song and it was released as a single from her album Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Don't know why that stuck with me, I usually can't remember my own name! lol
  11. And that is EXACTLY why (according to Bill and Jen in interviews) they do this program--to show the able-bodied that people with disabilities can be functioning individuals, doing all the same things we do, and who deserve more than taunts and stares.
  12. In the previous show, I remember both Jen and Bill giving the oncologist the final word on the travel plans and she gave them her approval, as long as Jen felt like it and would be careful. In one of their travels, it looked like they were flying first class but I wasn't able to tell if they used a commercial flight to SF this time. Maybe a charter flight thru TLC? And given their difficulties along with having a filming crew, they probably don't have to leave the plane with all the other passengers, thus not exposing Jen to throngs of people.
  13. First, I'd like to say to Jellybeans how sorry I am for your loss. I have a son the age Nicole would be now, and even though there are times I want to (as my granny would say) "slap him upside his head," I can't imagine the raw pain you must feel. I agree with you, if our loved ones want to speak to us, they know where to find us! Secondly, I've tried several times to start this program but I can never finish it. I just have such a hard time believing it is not some sort of scam. My younger son and his wife were eating recently at an outdoor restaurant that had a palm reader/fortune teller next door. My DIL noticed a little dog wondering around who looked lost, so she picked him up and was asking people around her if they knew where he came from. A few minutes later, the palm reader/fortune teller came running outside screaming, "my dog, I don't know where my dog is!!!" My son just looked at her and said, "Seriously? You're not very good at your job!" She grabbed the dog and stormed back inside. lol And last but not least, I agree her hair is something else--but I am in awe of the nails! How can she function with those things?
  14. Thanks LegalParrot81! Doesn't surprise me about her undergrad degree--she has said many times she loves the ocean. It seems a tad unusual for a medical doc though!
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