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  1. Have any of the rocks shown up on eBay yet?
  2. Tori looked like she was wearing a shroud.
  3. It’s too hot for Amy to wear sleeves yet Chris has to wear a black suit?!!
  4. Chris!! You still have time to run!!!!
  5. I don’t understand how Amy’s face can look so dirty. What is causing this? Her “friends” are in the same age group and none of them have dirty looking faces..
  6. You know Jill won’t take care of the little dog’s teeth. She had a child who hadn’t had her front teeth for two years.
  7. I loved the made up Jewish holiday. When I was in elementary school there was one boy who wasn’t in class for any of the Jewish holidays. At some point we all decided if Tim wasn’t there, it was a Jewish holiday. This worked until he was out for two weeks with chicken pox…
  8. I think all of the girls who have gone “blonde” needed to have a non-platinum blonde. They all look as though the color was stripped from their hair without any blonde tint added to it. Very few people who are not naturally platinum blonde can pull it off.
  9. Enough about the toys. The artist known as Jackson looks adorable
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