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  1. If Tim is that bad at driving. Imagine getting in a plane with him!
  2. Calico Kitty isn’t planning on going to jail/prison but then again, neither was Josh…
  3. It seems as though Margaret has never had proper socialization in her life. According to her, she had no friends at school and was most likely made fun of by the other kids. She hasn’t held a job and probably has been written off by her siblings. Mommy is trying to atone for leaving her in order to have her own life (not too sure about the lifestyle she has chosen) by infantilizing her to a ridiculous degree. Who gives their 30 something year old “child” a high five? She spoke to her as you and I would speak to a toddler. Both of these women need YEARS of intense therapy. (And in my pers
  4. Better than “great” and “food”!
  5. Caryn looks as though she’s channeling Smokey the Bear.
  6. Wow , Cade actually got a haircut. It’s a Christmas Miracle!!!
  7. In addition to “deep cleaning” Jill needs “deep purging”. That Bardo is ugggglllyyyy. As to Jill’s tacky decor, I will quote my late mother, “All of her taste is in her mouth.” (Mom had a way with words…)
  8. I must say, this show has been so enjoyable now that She Who Must Not Be Named has packed up all of her Daddy issues and hit the road.
  9. The California baby bar exam is given after the first year of law school for students attending an UNACCREDITED law school. They must pass the baby bar to enter their second year of law school. Derick graduated from an accredited law school,
  10. Wow. This would not be a good time to be summoned for jury duty…
  11. I have just one word. Yuck! I wonder how the smaller children will negotiate those stairs… I don’t think Jill will be the only one “severely injured” by the killer stairs.
  12. If those posters think Jill’s decor is “beautiful” and “amazing”, I shudder to think about what their homes must look like!!
  13. Oh, thank God! I thought this year was the end of the series!! So happy we’ll have more time with all of the cast! I seem to remember hearing something about the chances that a geriatric pregnancy (yes, in medical speak 42 is geriatric) has much higher chances of producing a child with Down’s Syndrome. I thought that was if there had been no previous pregnancies but I could be wrong. My mother had me at 40, and I’m sure there were times (usually when I was doing something stupid) that she wondered about my mental faculties… 🙄
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