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  1. She wears hand make-up? 🤣
  2. We know. Someone brings it up every week.
  3. For abbreviation? Observing the AP Style Guide?
  4. expound would work too!
  5. I can't decide if it's Whoopi or The View's producers to blame for that incorrect statement that Law and Order SVU is the longest-running drama series on television. Did they forget that ABC's General Hospital is celebrating its 58th anniversary in two weeks?!
  6. You forgot that without mentioning Mrs. Domenech by name, Joe called out "main stream Republican commentators" for twisting Dr. Fauci's words around and attacking him.
  7. Or a Democratic state. She also stated as fact that California will lose a congressional seat. Although several news outlets (including NBC News' Meet the Press) speculate that California will lose one seat, the U.S. Census Bureau will not have the reapportionment results ready until April 30, 2021! Nobody knows for sure how the math will work out with the unannounced 2020 Census.
  8. Meghan was referring to who her bosses at the network are. ABC restructured their programming divisions in fall 2014. The View was no longer part of ABC Daytime with General Hospital and the All My Children replacement and was placed in the ABC News division along with GMA.
  9. I couldn't tell what Joy was saying because there were multiple people talking at once so thanks for bringing it to my attention. Rachel certainly was a landmark character. Erica Kane was based off of Robin Strasser's Rachel.
  10. including Kassie DePaiva, who has co-hosted The View
  11. I was hoping for some more substantive questions for Kinzinger...and was of course let down. They should have asked him how he feels about his re-election chances in 2022 considering the upcoming redistricting in Illinois and if he thinks Democrats in the legislature may try to gerrymander him out. Kinzinger's voice actually sounds like Jonathan Karl's to me. I don't care for either.
  12. I liked that part, but Whoopi said Blanche DuBois instead of Blanche Deveraux. I guess she had A Streetcar Named Desire in her mind.
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