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  1. Terese

    S01.E11: Freedom

    I loved this episode. The dream sequence and the desperate young lovers rang true, ultimately demanding something of each other that neither could give. I was touched by Walker's apprehension with Geri and their nervous fears that we never fully outgrow when something is new and full of promise, with insecurity gnawing away in the background. Hoyt troubles me in that he doesn't grasp that his carefree impermanent existence is a deterent to being taken seriously. I genuinely like these characters and hope they find their way.
  2. Terese

    S01.E10: Encore

    "And but thou love me, let them find me here. My life were better ended by their hate Than death proroguèd, wanting of thy love." -Romeo and Juliet. I think it is sweet, dangerous and thrilling. But, then, I adore Shakespeare and the 1968 Zeffirelli Romeo and Juliet. The case was fun and Walker was adorable.
  3. It is a big world with a vast history of humans exploring their physical and spiritual place in it. Maybe many others, who are not "sensitively and negatively triggered" enjoy exploring that. I am certain, that from the 1st episode various cultural religions and myths were to be a dominant over-arching theme in this story. This is no surprise; and clearly among the government operations, sci-fi, and drama all religion and spirituality was going to be a component. I like it!
  4. All cultural religions reference resurrection, Noah's Ark is Old Testament not Christian, plus references to Egyptian religions etc. Where do you get the idea that it is specifically Christian, which hasn't thus far been referenced?
  5. Oh. I suppose we are weighing in on different perspectives. I would assume that Bret would be every bit as protective of Liam, as Liam is of Bret. In which case, Bret would never leave Liam with death threats and car bombings.
  6. Being alive is probably more important. In any case, we obviously disagree. Liam was under considerable duress and responded in a manner that would guarantee Bret's quick departure. I've never been in a situation whereby a loved one suddenly showed up at a time most likely to get them killed, just by being around me. I would also like to add, that although what you proposed is something Liam could have said. But what kind of loved one would respond with, "I understand. Good luck with that," then head back to New York?
  7. I'm not judging the morality. Although, maybe I am. Liam making that call ensured that Bret was out of harm's way. I wouldn't define that as manipulation, when trying to protect someone's life. I think Liam did the right thing for the right reasons.
  8. As i don't understand what about the scene that you didn't like, all i can say is that it seemed like a smart way to deal with a concerning situation. I guess Liam could have said. "I need you to leave town immediately. My investigation has led to dangerous criminals, who blew up my car. Your association with me may, put you in danger." The problem with that is twofold. It leads to questions that Liam is not a liberty to discuss during an investigation. It also leads to resistance. Bret would demand to stay, be supportive and protective, which he cannot be and actually becomes a liability if L
  9. Doesn't Bret live in New York? He shows up asking questions. Liam does the "I cheated" conversation stopper. Bret understandably leaves town, out of harm's way.
  10. Liam did break up with him not because of the investigation, but because of the targeted car bombing as a result of the investigation. He feared further retaliation. I don't know how much time passed from then until the investigation was concluded and arrests were made. There could still be some concern for retaliation. In any case, Liam's decision was based on the situation at the time he made it. I am sure at some point, when he deems it safe, he will try and reconcile.
  11. How is it a pothole? No piece is missing. That the investigation concluded, doesn't change anything about his prior decision.
  12. I feel the same way about Jeri. I can't get over the smirk on her face when she seemed to have sold the bar to Walker, then disappeared. But, it also felt like final closure when he toasted Emily. Jeri and Walker's kiss was passionate and motivated likely by closeness and emotions running high. I guess I could learn to like her. And frankly, Walker is too hot to be running around alone. And Micki, his delightful partner, is not going to be happening.
  13. I love your take on this episode. I thought it a fine episode. There is a human quality in this show that is so different from others in the genre. Officers are not infallible. James and Walker are friends and previous partners who experienced a horrible murder of Walker's wife. That an emotional and distraught Walker would btreak protocol and bolt from the van to confront Jeri is completely understandable. That he and James would be caught up in a moment of emotional and professional closure and relief, allowing a witness to gather some further evidence after arrests and guns were laid dow
  14. Jeri...She's in the desert with Emily. In an position to close Emily's eyes; yet doesn't fall victim to those murderers. I can see Walker eager to believe her. He is desperate for resolution. That a friend would be involved in his wife's murder is unbearable. Jeri demanding an apology seems so manipulative. She is the one consorting with a criminal gang and fails to mention it. I wonder if there is more to this story.
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