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  1. I did a combination of both. I'd always start with Mrs. or Mr. and if they told me to call them by their first name, I did. The only weirdness for me was being told years later that since I was now an adult I could call them by their first name. The BSC had better be careful because the FBI is watching.
  2. If I can't have the Island Adventure as a season-ending two-parter, then Little Miss Stoneybrook is an acceptable alternative. I liked Watson's made up fact about the hobbits and his "No, you didn't! Because I made it up!!!" The easy conversation and jokes at that dinner is a nice contrast to the quiet, stiff family breakfast in the beginning of the season. I can see Patrick Thomas signing away his parental rights especially if Liz agrees not to pursue any back child support she may be owed.
  3. Well, one is the sun and the other is her family's butt monkey. Owen still manages to find someone to badger into doing things his way even after he gets his personal life settled.
  4. Both of her exes - Anstead is dating Renee Zellweger. With Tarek's fiancee she can be seen as an equal because they both are reality tv stars. Renee is an A-list, two time Oscar winner who is several levels of fame bigger than Christina. Sure, Christina can get on the cover of People and US Weekly but Renee gets Vogue.
  5. Tan-O is an awful name for a bar. Maybe that's why it never had any customers - people thought it was a tanning salon.
  6. Amber Tamblyn is playing the daughter of the former president on Y: The Last Man which is streaming on Hulu. She's sporting blonde hair for this role but she's stellar as always.
  7. If I wrote the last episode of GH, it would be Scotty driving out of town and running Sonny over with his car. Scott stops because he's not sure who he hit but when he sees its Sonny he gets back in, puts the car into reverse, and runs him over again. Scotty drives for a few days and comes to a house where he is greeted with bear hugs from Serena, non-Sonny spawn Christina, and Karen who has been in hiding this whole time.
  8. The brother who got erased was Jeff, Dawn's younger brother. He moves to Stoneybrook with his mother and sister but moves back early on in the series. I guess the show figured since he was in California for a lot of the books he wasn't all that necessary for the show.
  9. One of the things Kristy and Watson have in common is a love for baseball and I guess since Watson was providing half of the transportation they got their way on the baseball stadiums. In one of the last books, Kristy's father gets married and he asks for his three eldest kids to come to California for the wedding. He has no interest in David Michael at all. Doesn't want to talk to him or want him to come with his siblings. If this was any series other than BSC, I'd wonder if David Michael was the product of an affair. But since it is the BSC, I chalk it to up to Patrick Thomas being a se
  10. There was a few more kids. Dawn and Clauidia needed crew (although why that would include 4 year old Jamie is beyond me) so they got some other kids beyond Jeff. Jamie was the one who caught a fever. This review says the other kids were Becca Ramsey and her friend Haley. Dawn and Jeff were on the same boat so Dawn invited Jamie to handicap them. Good lord, the parents in Stoneybrook are terrible. In what world is it a good idea to let your 4-year-old son go sailing with a 13-year-old who just learned how to sail?
  11. I was surprised by how much I liked Mallory on the show. If they lean into the good-natured horse girl characterization, she may generate enough good will to get an episode of her own in season 3. I would have been more than fine if they had decided to pretend the Sad Goodbye didn't happen. In the books it becomes obvious that Watson has a favorite stepchild and that child is Kristy. Not a lot of parents would be as generous as he is to invite his daughter's friends on all their family vacations. I think on the cruise one he literally says "We can't leave any members of the BSC
  12. I knew the character would figuratively die the moment he and Joss coupled up. She's a 100 lb anchor dragging the character down into the Corithos sleaze. I have long held the theory that Sonny has more than a few sexually transmitted diseases and we all know fever is one of the ways our bodies fight infection and that people act and say stupid things when they have a fever. So my answer to this is that Nina has caught an STD from Sonny and she's delirious with fever.
  13. Two characters who should never have been killed off in the first place. I am normally not a fan of undoing deaths but these two (and Alan) are the exceptions. The existence of Rebecca would even make it fairly easy to bring back Emily - just say Emily never was a twin and that Rebecca was Emily brainwashed to think she was someone else. I remember how they used to dress Genie Francis back in the 90s/early 2000s so this is not a new problem.
  14. Peter's already evil though so what is there left for an evil twin to do? I suppose he could always set Moss on fire and burn down Carly's house.
  15. I can see it now - Maxie and Valentin get married to guarantee custody of Louise. Peter tries to kidnap the baby but falls into the harbor (trying to change things up here) and his body washes up on the New Jersey side of the border.
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