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  1. Mirabelle


    Her wolf turn is beautifully controlled. Most of the time it looks like the gymnast just thinks, "Fuck it, I'm gonna turn and hope for the best,"
  2. Mirabelle


    I just saw Jade's floor at Nationals on YTand then watched Lilia Podkapayeva on the floor. Now she was a gymnast who actually danced between the tumbling. Here is her floor compulsories from 1996:
  3. I wish we'd gotren an update on Julie and Russ. Ross could have run into them at a paleontology convention. I really loved everyone's reaction to Russ. Monica; See! It's a different as night . . . and later that night.
  4. It's not just that all the Friends were white - friend groups can be insular in regards to ethnicity and socioeconomic background - but a lot of their co-workers and the one-off guest stars were also white. How many episodes involve the Friends leaving the apartment and literally never interacting with a person of color? At best, you might see a black person way in the background. I really don't think casting went out of their way to only cast white people for the extras but they sure didn't make much of an effort to cast non-white people.
  5. David's true love is the theater. He studied it in college and he co-founded the Lookingglass theater company with his college friends. He's still an ensemble member and has written, directed, and acted in productions at the Lookingglass and elsewhere. He probably would have done more Hollywood productions but he couldn't get cast in the type of roles which interested him. People just couldn't see him as anyone but Ross Gellar which frustrated him because he'd been doing all kinds of parts before and during Friends on the stage but Hollywood people just wanted him to be Ross. I recently r
  6. I am really hoping that moment inspired someone to write the chick lit novel about two former stars of a hit TV show reconnecting and falling in love years after their show ended after they both admitted they had crushes on each other during the cast reunion.
  7. I told a friend I'd talk about my old job for $200 much less $2M. The six had set their price and if that's what the network was willing to pay, then good for them. Whatever entity paid that money was not going to be giving that money to charity. As for the actors not watching the show, a lot of actors don't watch themselves. They were immersed in that show in a way fans weren't and I think it's healthy they don't want to keep reliving that time in their lives. I'd love to see the look on Bieber's face when he was told he'd be modeling Ross' SpudNik costume.
  8. Unless the show is super popular, the cast runs the risk of the network deciding it's better for their bottom line to just cancel the show than pay the higher salaries.
  9. I'm sure Michael has his fans (as does Charles Manson) but if they do go Michael/Willow/ailing Chase, I'm Team Chase even if Chase is in a coma or is replaced with a crash test dummy or a bunch of pillows stuffed under a blanket.
  10. I think one of the reasons why American actors are less likely to leave a hit show is that it's hard to turn down the money - British TV just don't pay as much as American TV does and I don't think Netflix does either. The leads can make over $1M an episode (Reese Witherspoon & Jennifer Aniston for Morning Show but that may also include producing) but even secondary characters can make a lot of money. Page was reportedly offered $50K an episode to appear in some episodes of season 2 but that probably wasn't worth the hassle of scheduling around his upcoming projects especially if his agen
  11. Know how the feds finally got Al Capone on tax evasion? Maybe Sonny finally gets sent to jail for immigration fraud.
  12. If the literal baby can wear his mask properly, an adult should be able to.
  13. Or instead of putting Britt in the grave or a coma or giving her amnesia (I cannot deal with two amnesia stories running concurrently), Britt gives the baby to Brook Lynn but tells Maxie she's just going to take the baby and go into hiding with it. Maxie agrees because she trusts and knows Britt. Britt leaves PC, Peter goes after her, a few years later we hear that Peter died in an elephant stampede, Britt comes back and exposes Brook's baby lie. This is all based on the idea that KT is signed for a short run.
  14. The chicken breast in question is also a few days past due so it might still be edible but it also might make you really, really regret eating it.
  15. Becky Herbst clearly made a monkey's paw wish to remain forever young in order to stay employed and the monkey paw said, "Granted, but you'll be at General Hospital FOR-EV-ER."
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