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  1. It's the apocalypse. The survival of the species is a little more important than honoring contract law. It's fair to say that the firsties are owed something for their funding of the train, but palatial apartments and a beach are not it. And "fair" has to take a backseat to "survival of the species". If losing the beef car could be an "extinction event", then clearly the resources are stretched a little thin. Supporting the lavish lifestyle of the firsties take sa lot more resources than just giving the tailies some decent food, especially since plenty of the tailies seem to have useful skills
  2. The 1st classies may have funded the train, but they're functionally useless now. This isn't a cruise or a plane ride--this is the survival of an entire species, with pretty limited resources that could be put to better use giving everyone a medium-ish standard of living instead of a handful of people a ridiculously lavish lifestyle and other people, invited or no, treated as more or less subhuman. Obviously the show has to require a certain suspension of disbelief, but there's no way that sort of system would hold up for long. Class and money no longer have any relevance in a post-apocalyptic
  3. Yeah, I’m not quite sold. I mean, I do like that this gives us a new mystery to unravel over another season or two—what race is the doctor from? What happened to them? But I’m not crazy about making the doctor so super special. I agree with the Master on that much. Speaking of the Master, I guess it makes some sense that the revelation of the timeless child is a semi plausible reason for the backsliding into crazy evil Master. But it bothers me that it seems to cheapen the history between the Doctor and the Master—like, the Doctor probably had a ton of best friends if they lived so m
  4. Yeah, I did mostly like the show, but have to agree that the poor writing took the shine off of what was a really cool, fun concept. The kids are basically idiots--not using the music box against Dodge (which is the first thing probably most viewers thought of when introduced to the music box), never checking in with Great-Grandpa Locke to get some backstory on the keys and the house (How many keys are there? What can the other ones do? What's with that door?), opening the Omega door ('cause that turned out so well last time), not considering that the Dodge could use the identity key to look l
  5. This show is definitely at its best when it doesn't try and play it too straight. Malcolm shooting out the window and crashing onto the car as the room behind him exploded, all to the tune of under pressure, was just golden. And the role play scene in prison was some of the funniest tv I've seen ("I'm always Malcolm." "But dad, you kill people. And you're a dick."). I hope they do more like this. There are plenty of overly serious crime dramas on tv, I like this show because they play up the crazy.
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