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  1. Finally finished binging. For those who were suspicious of Roland being involved, didn't Hays have the short scene ordering a check on all Roland's credit card use, phone records etc.? Maybe that was one way they had been thinking of going with the story. It kind of seemed like they were going that way with some conversations with the former prosecutor or whoever that higher up was that gave the little speech to Hays when he got brought back in to work the case in 1990. Seemed to be some conversations throughout the series that someone was covering up. So maybe Roland being involved w
  2. I tried to watch the recording of the finale but couldn't generate enough energy/interest after stopping watching when they got to 10 and I still didn't care that much about anyone. Very meh season and it seems like it is going a little bit like one ok season, one meh season, one ok season, one meh season. I still love the blinds and seeing/hearing all the hopeful contestants. It's just a lot to keep that interest going week after week. Sometime in the Knockouts it either becomes a season I feel like watching, or ends up being a season I can only maintain just barely enough interest to
  3. I didn't see anything new from the Voice charting on iTunes. I don't know if it is just me or tptb are blocking that info or no one charted??
  4. I'm just not a fan of these set ups that benefit some people more than others, like the first people singing on the teams get longer for fans to vote than the people going last on a team. Or the fan voting system that favors the east time zone over every other zone. Great way to be inclusive. And agree, if they're going to make changes, they should be for the better.
  5. Magic


    Didn't expect that death. And wonder what the cell phone will reveal. Looks like a good season so far.
  6. I don't remember seeing so many 1 and 2 chair turns on the teams before. Alicia is getting the most 3 and 4 chair turns so far this season.
  7. Kelly is a fun addition; always energetic and funny. With Blake and her on one end though, it almost makes Adam seem like an afterthought. There's too much energy at the other end of the chairs. I think he could get what he wanted easier before Kelly. I hope the contestants get better. They just don't seem to be standing out compared to prior years.
  8. I am enjoying how much I am changing my mind who drew the dicks. Since Dylan flat out lied about the license plate holder, and Shapiro about the *slashed* tire it could go either way. But, just like a lot of crime shows, a ton of coincidences don't end up having to do anything with the crime under consideration, although everyone, or maybe the audience, tries to get them all to fit. The voice mail would be really useful. So would the security camera footage from other parts of campus to show which kids were actually on campus. e.g. what was Alex doing their on a teacher duty day? Which ot
  9. I am among the Walt/Vic couldn't watch, eye rolling, ickier than I imagined, including the open would sex. Agree with those who got the paternal vibe from Walt to Vic, which given how pushy/controlling her own father was, seemed something that might feed into Vic's "attraction" to Walt. Heck, Walt was more paternal to Vic than he was to Cady. I am very thankful the series didn't quite end with their scenes. I could see Henry enjoying his new job. He is a helper as much as Cady. He was so much glue to help tie so many parts together although its true that he was always in one potenti
  10. Agree it really seemed off for Walt especially; Cady is such a bleeding heart that wants to help, that often seems to obscure her better judgement/lawyer training, but Walt?? He really does seem to need to retire. I have to say that I have never really liked Vic since Season 1. Too possessive of Walt from the beginning and too easy for her to run over the law to get what she wants etc. But, she has had the best scenes this season and hit them out of the park, with the miscarriage and trying to figure herself out afterwards. She looks like she is changing who she thought she was, inc
  11. At least there was almost no Walt/Vic romance to be distracted by.
  12. You would think that it would have high priority considering the same type vehicle ran Nighthorse and Henry off the road.
  13. Walt, Walt, Walt.... Why doesn't he put gloves on both hands when he is working on crime scene evidence? Yes, it is time for you to retire. Although no one looks good enough to fill the sheriff's shoes ever since Branch is gone. I'm sorry but Walt looks old and worn out far from someone who would be happy with Vic long, and vice versa. So it is irritating to have their potential romance shoved in my face all the time. Cady, Cady, Cady..... So well-meaning but boy can she pick the most emotionally-charged cases to work on. Between her and the schoolteacher you would think
  14. I'm not a Vic fan but this was a pretty well written and acted episode and seemed realistically portrayed. It showed Vic in a different light and the acting was good. Really enjoyed Henry being the quipster. And Jacob offering Henry a Red Vine or two because the trip to Cheyenne was going to be long, haha. Even funnier was Henry saying he was a Twizzler guy. The worst part of this season is that I am focusing a lot of attention on hoping that the show doesn't go down the Vic/Walt romance trail. I could not stand that, and really wish I didn't have to spend so much time hoping t
  15. Magic


    I was happy that Bosch's mom's murder was over, it was a satisfying end. So I'm not really happy about it re-opening and I doubt I am going to be as satisfied the way it ends up this time. I have liked the series, but it has crossed the line this last few episodes to make Bosch very unlikeable. The level Bosch has become holier than thou breaking rules while demanding everyone else follow them and verbally (and sometimes physically) attacking all other people and shutting them out when they don't follow rules has become over the top. Yes he is in that direction but he needs to get over
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