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  1. 1. Why does she have to be in the middle of almost every single group photo? 2. Why does it always appear that she's purposely trying to shove/lean into the person next to her to try and be as center as possible?
  2. Kelli Finglass has an armpit fetish. Don't try to convince me otherwise.
  3. 17 TCC's received a perfect score and the only rookie to do so was VK?
  4. Well... it could've been 36 this year... but....
  5. Since most of us are in agreement that the decision for Point(s) this year is a giant crock, I thought we could have a bit of fun and decide for ourselves who we want to see as Point. This is all in good fun and shouldn't be taken seriously. 🙂
  6. Not that I have anything planned with such information, but where can I find that handy list of all TCCs including the returning vets?
  7. I've finally watched the second episode and what Kelli said at the very end got me thinking... Why not just rotate Point between all group leaders? Amy, Maddie, Heather, Tess, Miranda, Lexie, Alexis and Gina would get to be Point at one home game each. It might be a bit confusing, but if the DCC is still as world-class as TPTB claim, they could handle it. TL;DR - having the four main and four secondary group leaders be the Point for one home game each allows more women to be featured, gives more variety, gives more reward to being named a group leader and takes a burden off of Kelli &
  8. 3 days ago. How much you wanna bet she ate some while being in TC? "My favorite summer tradition - Dinner and Dessert with this dynamic DUO!! Special thanks to @berrygoodbakery for the incredible Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup chocolate layer cake! "
  9. The feeling you get when it's the last week of training camp and VK is still there...
  10. Not that it matters, but this was 2014 (judging from the squad photo behind them). It's hard to believe (okay... not really) how "barbie doll" she went in only 4 years.
  11. Silly speculation about points: We already know it's more than one. What if this is just a a BS way for VK to be point? One point/triangle to show off the vets (most likely led by Amy or Maddie) and then VK leads the rookies?
  12. The Case Against VK - 2018 edition: Could not hold her turns during Finals Gained 11lbs since auditions (which were still obvious on the night she was cut) When her weight was brought up during Kitty's visit, Kitty said that VK deserves "the respect to get it off"... when we all know that Kitty would happily call any other girl on the squad overweight. Disrespected a member of DCC staff (who was also a well-respected 5 year veteran of the squad and current (now former) All-Star) and then only apologizes to Jinelle as an afterthought Had low kicks Misse
  13. Last year I kept track of VK's faults during TC... now I'm gonna keep tabs on how often she shows up in thumbnails and other garbage: 1. Thumbnail for episode 1 on CMT.com 2. Thumbnail for episode 2 promo 3. At least three appearances as a thumbnail/photo on the official MTT Instagram page. (1 | 2 | 3)
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