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  1. Going by the accounts from both her and the creative team over the years, looks like it was pretty mutual. Writers hated writing around the kid, and Gabrielle was ready to explore other things. I mean Gabrielle radically changed her look halfway through season 5, in a very unAndrea way, and started booking TV movies totally against the Andrea type. I read years ago that basically all of them except Tori hated working on the show by season 5.
  2. I’m actually pretty sure we saw Andrea more in both season 4 and season 5 then we did in season 3. She was really only isolated in season 5. In season 4 she was finally written as one of the girls. Had a lot more material with Kelly and Donna, had her own onscreen romances, the baby/early marriage story was the first front burner story she got and it got decent airtime. They threw her a couple short story arcs with Brenda and Steve too. Overall she went from more of a supporting character in high school to a lead who got her own writing. And she seemed to be close to everyone in the gang
  3. Emily Valentine had nothing to do with Brandon’s decision to take the road trip. He took the road trip to escape these Lucinda mess. He literally says that before we ever see Emily. He found Emily’s picture while he was packing. Again, after he already was leaving. He’s already on the road, heading nowhere in particular. Then he sees some blonde with a beret from the back. He thinks that’s Emily. It’s obviously not, but now he’s got Emily on his mind. He goes to her parents house. They moved and he assumed she moved with him. Then he decides to sightsee in San Francisco since he
  4. Shannen said her slight frame in season 4 was due to her Crohns Disease. Brandon never sought out Emily as the great love of his life. I just watched that story recently and that’s not at all what happened. The Emily/Brandon material has become a really bad game of telephone among the 90210 fandom.
  5. BWAHAHA!!!! Never got into the OC. It premiered the year I graduated from college (not that I'm not capable of enjoying teen shows as an adult; I got into Degrassi TNG in my 20s and Skins in my 30s, long after it was off air). It's just funny that those of us in that weird old Gen Y/young Gen X group, now called Xennials, don't really have an angstly teen franchise with characters that fit right in our age group. 90210ers were like big brothers/sisters, Dawson's Creek's kids were a little younger than many of us, and My So Called Life got cancelled after one season. Oh well, I guess
  6. Those ratings for episode 2 are actually still strong. They were the top rated non-reality show for the night and did very well in the right demographic. The first episode had a ton of curiosity seekers so it was bound to see a big drop. If they can hold steady there it'll be considered a hit. Also the first episode apparently had huge DVR/streaming numbers, so this episode is definitely going to be viewed a lot more than 2.5 million people.
  7. ButIAm

    S01.E02: The Pitch

    I think Emily's return in San Francisco is probably the most misquoted 90210 story I've ever seen. I watched it again recently and it really does take everything that happened in S2 into account. Emily admits she loved Brandon, but Brandon didn't love her. They talk about what happened between them and how Brandon only visited her that once in the hospital. No claims that he's been pining after her all those years. Or acting like he was madly in love with her. They just spent a lot of time together in San Francisco and Brandon fell in love with her then. She was healthy and they both
  8. Celeste was amazing. I liked her with Steve. Really good chemistry. Wish she'd become a part of the gang. I do think Steve loved her. But he was also barely 18 years old and wasn't ready to settle down. He only stayed with her so long because he did love her, but didn't want to be honest about the fact that he didn't want to be tied down. If Celeste had come back into his life in say season 8? He prob would've married her in a heartbeat.
  9. It's really only confusing when you try too hard to figure out what is real and what is not. This show is just as scripted as the original show. It's not a reality show. As for Andrea, no the show never hinted she was bi or gay. But some people did project that on to her. People read into all sorts of things. Like the not-that-small amount of Supernatural fans who think the brothers are hot for each other. Gabby has been with the same man since 1990, before the show even premiered.
  10. ButIAm

    S01.E02: The Pitch

    Good grief do I feel bad for Tori Spelling. Fans have been giving her shit for her face since 1990. Long before she had her current treatments. The woman has always been damned if she does, damned if she’s doesn’t.
  11. ButIAm

    S01.E02: The Pitch

    There is still some confusion here. This isn’t a reality show. None of these people are playing their “real” selves. This is just as scripted as the original show. I don’t think folks should be taking this all so literally. Christine wrote the Jeopardy episode in S5, the love potion episode in S6 and the Christmas episode in S7 when Kelly and Val are each other’s secret Santas.
  12. ButIAm

    S01.E02: The Pitch

    When Brandon and Emily reunited in San Francisco that was the first time I feel like JP ever convincingly played Brandon in love with a girl. He poured himself into scenes with CE during both S4 and S5 that frankly made it tough for me to buy him with anyone else. And I wasn’t even a fan of Brandon with Emily during S2.
  13. ButIAm

    S01.E02: The Pitch

    Surprised? No. I think quite a few 90210 series regulars are pretty good actors. I just think most 90210 writing, even in the hey day, was pretty damn shallow. With some notable exceptions, that show wasn’t exactly the showcase for the best of anyone’s talent and skill. Hell, look at Hilary Swank. It also helps if you followed some of their work elsewhere. Gabrielle did a lot richer work in some of the TV movies and guest work she booked during and after the show. That was definitely the case with Luke. Same with a few others.
  14. Can’t ever forget. I always assumed the writers did that on purpose. Regardless, they definitely played on the whole Kelly Lapowski angle until the reefer madness reveal. It’s one of the few truly shocking 90210 moments. In the matter of seconds it shifted the whole tone of the show, tossed Brenda replacement assumptions right out the window, and reinvented TAT’s entire image. By the way, anyone know how old that trope is? I was watching an episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents the other night and there’s a scene where we cut back to the overly sweet, wholesome girl now smoking a cigarette
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