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  1. Tim Thomason

    S03.E08: The Book of Nora

    Nora's Daily Victorian newspaper at the beginning had a date of "Monday, October 15, 2018", one day after the (Australian) anniversary of the Departure. Which jibes with Kevin's last appearance, and implies almost a full day for Nora and Matt to confront the physicists and convince them to irradiate her. The newspaper had a headline that said "Financial Markets Hold Steady Despite Fears of Seventh Anniversary Sell-Off." So even the stockbrokers knew that it was all a meaningless anniversary (just like the other six, two of which we saw previously). I feel bad for Arturo, who wanted to be with his family, but was stuck in Tasmania (presumably) waiting for his preacher to return with the Saviour and heal the world or something.
  2. Tim Thomason

    S03.E08: The Book of Nora

    And now that I've thought about it, 10 years is too short of a time, based on Kevin Sr's reported age (91). For some reason, I don't think he's 81 in the final season, which would make him 74 when he was still police chief during the Departure. I know Scott Glenn is 76, but I think he's playing younger. My initial assumption was 20 years, which would fit better and make Kevin Sr. 64 during the Departure. Although this would set the coda in 2038, making Nora 59 and Kevin 66 (his mother died when he was 9 - which we learned was also when the "President was shot by a crazy man", i.e. 1981). So maybe 15 years is a better compromise. Or maybe 10 years is the correct guess, and they goofed by making Kevin Sr. too old.
  3. Tim Thomason

    S03.E08: The Book of Nora

    Only 10 years? I guess in 2028, the Gray Hair Dye business is booming. Crazy future fads
  4. Tim Thomason

    S03.E08: The Book of Nora

    Another thing in my "Nora is telling a story" column, is the appearance of Laurie and her "same time, next week" (a callback to their last appearance). I don't think they've been in constant contact week-after-week, but probably close to it. If Nora disappeared for a decade or two, then they probably wouldn't have given us the suggestion that she's been making regular calls to Laurie. And I know many of you are saying that Nora just wanted the truth, but the episode seemed to be full of lies (Kevin, the nun, even the joking lies at the wedding from the bride and groom). I think Nora's lesson that she learned was that telling this story to Kevin was a way of reconciliation. He wanted to start over by ignoring all the events that happened during their relationship, and she decided to start over by offering him an explanation ("I was in another universe!") that belies what they both know to he true: that she avoided Kevin (and more importantly, the rest of civilization) due to her personal issues and inadequacies.
  5. Tim Thomason

    S03.E08: The Book of Nora

    I think it was all a beautiful lie at the end. Nora yelled (which we briefly saw) and was set free by the physicists and/or Matt (who was in the comm room) before the irradiation. She then decided to live the rest of her life in Australia. If, though, everything Nora said was true, I refuse to believe that that physicist wouldn't have built a "return home" machine before Nora came knocking on his door. In a world of orphans, what kind of monster just sits on the knowledge and technology to restore families and provide answers to two worlds?
  6. Tim Thomason

    S03.E05: It's a Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt World

    So, Matt was warned that "something" was going to happen at the dock, and he decides to heed this advice and wait on the boat (despite the pressing concern of Kevin), but with a front row seat to all the potential mayhem and not a word of it to the Captain or his friends. I guess that's his new outlook after his convo with God. And, relatedly, since he saw the "blasphemer" (and also murderer) get divine retribution in the form of a lion attack, shouldn't that restore some of his previously lost faith? Surely, Michael and maybe John might be more in awe of Matt's preacher skills now.
  7. Tim Thomason

    S03.E04: G'Day Melbourne

    I'm thinking some type of terrorist thing happened, either in Australia or just internationally but still a big enough deal to ground all flights. Good idea, what with the "world ending" and all to keep an eye on these folks as the 14th/15th arrives. Although the various tourism boards and businesses and airlines must be very upset at this development. Maybe the guy who burned himself was lying (to himself?) about his answer and was upset about losing his chance and hypothetically killing a baby (and immediately running into a person who had the correct answer). I guess the physicists view themselves as good guys, and use the question to make sure that only "good people" (as determined by their question) make it to the other side.
  8. Tim Thomason

    S07.E14: The Other Side

    Tyrant on FX had a gay Muslim character (I only saw the first season). It's not unheard of in modern American television. The character would be treated (by the most observant, fundamentalist Muslims) as not really Muslim, just like a gay Catholic or gay Mormon or gay Baptist would be treated by the most observant, fundamentalist followers of those faiths. The show already has multiple gay characters (Aaron & Eric, Tara & Alisha & Denise), so adding another one (Paul "Jesus" Rovia) is no big deal, and helps tremendously in providing this character with some actual characterization. They were a little ham-handed with the revelation ("... boyfriends..."), but that may have just been Jesus feeling Maggie out to see how she would react. She is a very genuine Southern bible-belt, God-fearing woman afterall. ---- Anywho, I'm 99% sure that was Norman Reedus in the final scene, and they were definitely telling us that Daryl was planning on hightailing it to the Factory to rescue Rosita and/or Sasha. But they kept it vague for a reason. Like early Michonne, Reedus (or a lookalike stunt double) may just be standing in and next ep (or the one after that or after that, with their crazy alternating storylines) will open up with Dwight's actor in the same pose, and no explanation. Or maybe they were dropping all the hints about it being Daryl just so that we'd be surprised when it actually was Daryl (a classic "no-twist" twist). Sasha could easily survive and spend some time in the Hole or near-death before being dispatched somehow (or even, unlikely, rescued). Would Negan or anyone not named Eugene even recognize her as an Alexandrian? Rosita he would know, because he gave her that scar and nearly killed him a few days back, I guess. Eugene's actions next (or next-next) episode will tell us whether he's truly Negan or is attempting (or believes himself to be attempting) a long con. I think he panicked during the rescue attempt when he realized that all options lead to almost certain death for him or his (former) friends.
  9. Tim Thomason

    S01.E10: No Place Like Home

    As I understood it, this was supposed to be a "10 hour miniseries event", so I assumed that it'd be a self-contained story with maybe a final hook in case of a second season. Like the original movie. I was wrong. I'm assuming that the Wizard sent his men on a suicide mission, probably lying to them about his ability to bring them back, and probably with the instruction to kill Dorothy as well. Then again, maybe the twister that took Dorothy was sent by West or even Glinda (or her acolytes?) or perhaps Jane's machine had a retrieval function of some sort. Jane's supernatural steampunk abilities need to be explained. I mean, maybe she's an unknown Ozian (or Evian) in the first place, since she apparently built the first machine in the '90s as well that sent them there. I also assume that West or Glinda or Ozma sent Lucas and Toto to retrieve Dorothy from Kansas. Probably because only her mystical ability to harm everyone she comes in contact with is the only way to stop the invulnerable Beast Forever. There were multiple statues. Dorothy only took one with her to meet the Wizard in Ev. She left the one that the Wizard had left out of the Witches' temple as a warning. Dorothy still maintained control over all the statues, I gather, and when Sylvie destroyed the nearby one, she took control over the warning statue and had it smash the temple and the altar room, thereby (likely) destroying the magical essences of many of the witches from before. Previous episodes showed how important this was to witches well-being, and it was likely a spiritually painful and morally shattering event to all witches. Dorothy's 'plan' was to bring back the rock people to force peace on everyone (like before) and then force the Wizard and her to return to Kansas and leave Oz forever. The Evians were presumably convinced enough by the stone man and I assume the Wizard's eloquent tongue. I'm thankful enough that they didn't show us that, as it gave us more time for the show. Glinda probably used magic (a wizard-did it defence works for this show!) to conjure the general location of the Wizard and his friends, and wasn't looking or even sensing West's presence at that time (maybe she can sense the black-clothed witches, but not by location, and just continues to feel their presence even when they were locked up in the Abject Prison). I think they know all about the flayed Beast, even Glinda acknowledges to the Wizard that "witches are not the Beast Forever, you fool". West kept him confined mystically in the Prison even when she freed everyone else. He was only freed because Dorothy showed up and used East's gauntlets to let him out. That was one crazy afternoon for the common folk in the Emerald City. I know Ozma has all the powers of the Wicked Witch of the East (except for the gauntlets? Where does Dorothy's power come from? Is she sharing hers with Ozma, and is that why they need her back so bad?), but the memory spell threw me for a loop. I mean, I guess it's the same thing that Glinda did to Lucas (but more specialized), but I don't get that Ozma would be so powerful to know how and that she could do this. One of the other witches or better yet, West, should've done this at her behest. My hope for an unlikely second season would be one that is intricately plotted out ahead of time (with no revisions after they start the first episode!). And close the book on the series. And bring us the Shaggy Man in some form or another.
  10. Tim Thomason

    S07.E11: Hostiles and Calamities

    Say what you will about Eugene, he consistently proved that he was the smartest man in the room in pretty much every scene in the episode. I've always been annoyed by the trope of people's pride or courage getting in the way of an easy out with simple phrases like "I am Negan" here (and seen in the earlier episodes with Daryl). Having Eugene instantly, and enthusiastically, skip the lengthy brainwashing was hilarious and greatly subverted expectations (although it is in character, of course). I just hope that it's another one of his famous lies, and Eugene hasn't actively changed loyalties. The pill scenes were a little hard-to-swallow (npi), but I think he made the right call. He keeps the pills for a rainy day, but doesn't contribute to either a suicide or a potentially botched murder attempt. Both of which would almost certainly be pinned on him, Mr. Jack of All Trades new arrival. We actually saw him making the pills, so we know he was completely with the wives up until perhaps the point that the good Doctor met his grisly end. Right now, all that Eugene has done is smelted some Zombies to a fence. We'll see what happens when he's ordered to construct something to negatively attack Alexandria (or anyone, I suppose). Will his survival instinct, like Dwight's, come at the cost of other people? Even those (previously?) close to him? I mean, Eugene was there when his closest friend Abraham got his head bashed in by Negan. I can't imagine that (despite what he says about the 30 or so friends of Negan) he would hold anything but the deepest of disdain and hatred for Negan. This episode was good (imo), and fairly hilarious at points (Easy Street, locking the door), that I find it one of the more enjoyable eps this season. Unless my assessment of Eugene's inner thoughts is incorrect. Then my opinion of the episode will sour quite a bit.
  11. Tim Thomason

    S01.E08: Lions in Winter

    Wizard: "Do you have the guns ready?" Captain of the Guards: "Yes, we do. Here, let us give you a demonstration." I can only imagine that the Wizard expected to arrive early, to oversee (with his troops), and perhaps assist with the final construction of the rifles. Langwidere in her grief and determination, stepped up production to finish before he arrived. Things look bleak for the Wizard (as if he'd die), but maybe Jane will somehow be the key to his survival. Or maybe Jack, who doesn't know the full story here, will somehow save the Wizard in return for helping to find Tip or something. I have to believe that at some point we'll have Dorothy, Lucas, Jack, and Eamonn all as a group. Although I guess they won't be taking out West at the behest of Glinda or the Wizard anytime soon. Maybe Ozma will take over the position as Cardinal Witch of the West, now that Dorothy appears to have East's gauntlets and there may or may not be an opening on that point of the compass.
  12. Tim Thomason

    S07.E10: New Best Friends

    Washington, DC does seem like a place that would attract visitors (even if the government has abandoned it and is hiding out far away from there). I could understand northwest Georgia being particularly barren, but the DC metro is a safe bet for the more stable wanderers to head off to restart civilization (or hang out in the White House or whatever). So, I imagine the Saviors headed off there for this reason. And Alexandria has been there since the beginning (a gated community with a congresswoman and her neighbors), and the other survivors are natives (Hilltop) or maybe wanderers who've arrived over the last couple years (Kingdom), but they all seem to be known to Aaron. Oceanside and the Scavengers almost certainly stay off the main roads and I could see them overlooked by staying in their very secluded areas. (Oceanside having been a community that went into hiding recently after an attack by the Saviors). But, yeah, if zombies are as easy to deal with as they seem to be now, there should be more and more fresh groups wandering in all the time. The Saviors might keep some of the smarter ones at bay, but the sheer amount should be taking the pressure off of Rick and Ezekiel and Gregory. It's a freaking War of 1812 scenario. Washington, DC is gone to zombie and bombing, but it doesn't seem to be a nuclear wasteland. If there is no actual government, some military base by now will have geared up and headed straight over there to start one. We *should* be seeing actual planes and helicopters and tanks and stuff riding in from all sorts of would-be pretenders and "saviors" of civilization wanting to make their mark on history. But we're not. So either 95% of civilization is destroyed (which doesn't seem to be the case, because why? and there are too many groups concentrated around NW Georgia and DC metro) or the writers have really underestimated the interest that such a place would have. It makes as much sense as people forgetting how speak good.
  13. Tim Thomason

    S07.E10: New Best Friends

    There's no way that a group of socially interacting individuals would behave that way after 3 years of (presumed) isolation. I could see one person talking in that manner if they went without talking or socialization for many years, but I assume they'd catch on pretty quick after coming into contact with another individual. Even if the rules are that they're not allowed to speak with anyone (even themselves), except in special circumstances like this, I'd still believe they'd talk quite a bit more logical than this. A trash dump seems like a logical place, sorta, to hide from the zombie apocalypse. You could hide your smell from zombies at the onset, most people would instinctively avoid at the onset (and you can recruit, warily, the like-minded survivors that turn up), and as confirmed in the episode, there'd be little reason to leave at first, as much of what you would need would be nearby (food & shelter, at least. Water might be an issue depending on location). The only way that any of this makes any sense is if, like Ezekiel, Jadis and her clan are putting on a show for Rick (and presumably other survivors they run across). Maybe to pump up how formidable they are in a Mad Max sorta way. But there is *no* indication of pretense here (we got an explanation from Ezekiel right away, and Jesus acknowledged first thing that his name is Paul). ---- Daryl should've stayed with Carol. He doesn't have to sleep with her or whatever (get your minds out of the gutter), as I'm sure there's room on that couch and she could probably benefit from a watch system at night. She might be Superwoman and all, but she's not that perfect. Plus, Daryl can protect her from half-baked false flag operations. And here's a conversation for you, writers: Carol: "Is everybody okay? Did the Saviors hurt anyone?" Daryl: "I'm not going to lie. It's still Hell out there. I've been through things. We all have. But Alexandria's still up. Rick's still in charge. There's an agreement with the Saviors, but it won't end well. We've lost some, we've gained some. But you know all that already. I'll tell you more if ya want. But the past is past." So, Daryl's going to the Hilltop now. After that, I assume he'll continue his tour of the Washington, DC metro area. Maybe Oceanside to convince them to give up their guns, and then the trash heap to engage in one-on-one conversations with their leader and impress us all with his innate speaking ability.
  14. Tim Thomason

    S01.E07: They Came First

    "People don't revolt when they're scared. Only when they're angry." Really, Wizard, that's your takeaway? I believe it was Yoda who said that Fear leads to Anger. They might not be willing or able to revolt when you held their daughters as hostage, but your King Herod routine shouldn't really net you any new supporters. Now that their daughters are back, and you started both a proverbial and literal witch hunt, things may not end up so rosy in the Emerald City. I feel these actions in particular may make things not end very well for the Wizard. He won't be flying away in a hot-air balloon when all is said and done.
  15. Tim Thomason

    S01.E06: Beautiful Wickedness

    Battery-making is also something that can be learned by laymen. Something about Oz gave at least these two "normals" (Frank and Jane) abnormal abilities to manifest clockwork people (Jane) or flying monkey drones (Frank, unless he was just relying on Glinda's orphans to make those). I believe the show when it says that magic can only be practiced by those bred for it, but it's still something 'natural' that can be utilized by those with some scientific background. The story of how Frank went from being a practical prisoner of the Munja'Kins awaiting East's arrival to overthrowing their King and using "science" to destroy all witches and maintain a puppet state is still one of the show's biggest mysteries. We have A and C, but no idea what B is made of. I gather that Nahara and her probable control over the rock creatures is involved, but how he gained control over her in the first place is up to question. And the line from Jane was something akin to "East would rather have us dead, but says we must leave to banish the coming Beast." This indicates, to me, that execution of any of the 'interlopers' would doom Oz (and Ev) to destruction by the Beast Forever. The Cardinals may have survived previous encounters, barely, enough to know that the return of any interlopers is the only way to placate the Beast. Killing the Wizard was never an option. Only banishment was (did he send Dorothy in his stead? What of Jane?). I expect we'll see more flashbacks to the magical events of the late 1990s. And, also, I don't think it ever occurred to Frank to manufacture bullets and guns. Partially because he may not have known more about it than basic chemical composition, and perhaps because that would be making a weapon that the locals could use to overthrow him one day.